Gigi and Zayn went out yesterday in New York holding hands. And he was actually smiling a little. I’m smiling now because looking at these two… it’s ridiculous, it’s so pretty. SO PRETTY SO PRETTY SO PRETTY. And not just because they’re so pretty but because, right now, their love is in summer. It’s that stage in a relationship when all feels like it could never go wrong. Which is the drug. Not just for those in it but for those who’ve known it, and are now looking at it and remembering.

Or… you know… I could be projecting.

Gigi Instagrammed a shot of their mouths in a half-kiss a few days ago that I missed until yesterday when I was writing about her model pose. It wasn’t relevant to that post but it’s relevant here, that relationship stage I was just referring to, captured. Totally by accident on social media, of course.


squish ya

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