Someone emailed me yesterday after this post about how these two must be a fake couple and that Gigi Hadid is using Zayn Malik to further her career. Um, if anyone is furthering anyone’s career, he’s the one who’s benefitting.

Please remember that Zayn’s the one who left One Direction and has yet to prove that he can go solo, that right now, he’s trying to be Justin Timberlake. Has anything he’s ever done given you any indication that he’s Justin Timberlake (on musical talent)? Zayn has one thing in common with Justin Timberlake: JT would be NOTHING without having dated Britney Spears. This is in the Bible.

Gigi is the bigger star. His gains in them being together greatly outnumber hers. Speaking of numbers, let me throw some at you:

Gigi on Instagram as of January 6, 2016 – 11.3 million followers

Zayn on Instagram as of January 6, 2016 – 5.7 million followers

In these times, for this generation, that sh-t matters. She almost doubles him. On social media and on celebrity status. Last June, in Toronto at the MuchMusic Video Awards, Drake would not leave the building until he met her. He would not stop asking for her. Gigi Hadid is a big deal. She doesn’t need to be doing him any favours by fake-dating Zayn Malik but she is inadvertently doing him a favour by furthering his career. Zayn wouldn’t be showing up here so often otherwise.

Can we talk about her hair now? Because her hair last night – they went out in New York – was my hair inspiration today on The Social. It’s my new favourite go-to.