Gigi Hadid’s 21st birthday was last Saturday. And there was all kinds of fanfare for it on social media. The party, however, did not happen until last night. Zayn was there with her. Naomi Campbell and Lenny Kravitz. And a lot of people wore chokers. And all manner of Kanye West’s wife’s family attended. And Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross. And several models. And Taylor Swift.

And most of them will probably be travelling together, en masse, this weekend to New York, for the MET Gala on Monday, co-chaired by Taylor Swift. We’ll get to her in a minute in the next post. But, really, my question is:

Is the MET Gala becoming just another chapter meeting of the Taylor Swift Society?

I guess it depends on the balance of squad to non-squad. Beyoncé isn’t actually on tour that night. She plays the night before and the night after. So if she wanted to, she could totally be there. But I’m not sure I can see it. Right now, in this moment, Beyoncé is Lemonade and Formation. You can only find Beyoncé where there’s only Beyoncé – on her album, on her stage. Does she want to be accessible anywhere else, and on a fashion night when everyone else is there?