On Saturday night Drake was in Atlanta, partying in yellow with Kanye West, 2Chainz, Future, and several other rappers (not all are included in these shots). Then he flew home to Toronto to surprise his friend P Reign at the MMVAs. But there may have been another motivation?

Drake wasn’t planning on staying long after his appearance at the show. But apparently he wanted to see Gigi Hadid. On Sunday I wrote that he shouted her out on stage and that, given that he’s shown up on some of her social media accounts from a couple of years ago, they would have been acquainted for a while – click here for a refresher. On Sunday night though, the entire building heard about how he was looking for her. The message was communicated across the entire network: get Gigi, Drake is requesting Gigi, where is Gigi, we need Gigi for Drake. So he stayed until they were able to get her over to his VIP area. And they talked for a short while and exchanged information and only then was he ready to leave.

Two points here then:

Gigi Hadid is having her moment. And I’m more of a believer in this moment than I am in Kendall Jenner’s moment. Also…clearly…no one is a believer in the moment she may or may not be having with Joe Jonas.