Through the summer. I mean I know, like, scientifically, summer doesn’t end for another 10 days or so, but the cultural end of summer is Labour Day. And there were so many breakups this summer. And you would have thought that Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik would have made that list, considering how young they are and how intense their relationship has been. But last week he supported her at NYFW and this weekend they were out holding hands and holding each other so I think we can safely declare that they made it through the summer, non? In fact, it’s almost been four seasons. Gigi and Zayn started around last November-ish?

God, every time I see pictures of them together, like they can’t wait to get back inside and start hugging again, I want to hug them. There’s something about these two that feels vulnerable, like it needs protecting. Is it the same with you?