The X-Files premiere was last night. Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, and Chris Carter were all there in LA. The show starts on January 24. Will you watch?

I’ve not been paying attention. A few days ago I remember seeing a headline that the first 12 minutes of the first episode were available online. Didn’t click. That’s probably because I don’t have an attachment to The X-Files the way many do. And I know there are many, many, many of you. So how do you feel about this? You can’t wait? The date’s marked? You’ve set a series recording? Or are even you kinda ambivalent too? Because I feel like the hype has been low. That there hasn’t been all that much buzz. Maybe I just hang out in the right buzz areas to be able to observe that? My only observation is that Gillian looks impossibly younger now than she did before. Also I do love this dress even though you’re going to call it a sack. From the back! The way it cascades!  No?

PS. Laura, co-executive producer on The Social, is sitting beside me. She’s an X-phile (this is what she told me they’re called, the fans). And she’s super into it and can’t wait. But she did agree that if you don’t go looking for it, it hasn’t been all that noisy. Although she also thinks that once the series begins is when people will start talking.