Gillian Anderson arrived at LAX from London yesterday with a lot of thick blonde hair looking very, very natural and very, very beautiful. Maybe the best she’s ever looked. 15 years ago she was FHM’s Sexiest Woman Alive. I think she’s better now.

Anyway, Gillian lives and works in England, has done for years, will next be seen in the new Johnny English movie and a miniseries adapted from the book The Crimson Petal and the White by Michael Faber which for years was supposed to be a feature film with Kirsten Dunst attached. Did you read it? I remember tearing through it, thinking it was amazing while I was reading it. And then forgetting it just as quickly. Does that mean it’s a good book or a bad book?

I wasn’t a hardcore X-Files fan. I watched when it was on, tuned in once in a while when there was a cliffhanger episode or whatever. But it made me sad when they tried to do that movie a couple of years ago and, well, no one cared, just like everyone had called it from the start. I guess it’s hard to see clearly when there’s so much nostalgia in the way. That may be why Gillian has said she wouldn’t be averse to doing another one. Or, as is the trend in Hollywood these days, a total reboot. Reboot reboot reboot. Pretty soon it’ll be a two year turnaround with reboots. Like in 2014 they’ll probably reboot Iron Man, not a f-cking year after RDJ’s third installment. Dumb.

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