Premiere of the new X-Files movie went down last night in LA and a pregnant Gillian Anderson absolutely glowed on the carpet. She’s a crazy bitch but I love that she doesn’t know how to pose. I love that she looks like a normal person. And beautiful.

Love even more her story about Victoria Beckham. Gillian was on Jay Leno the other night promoting the film and she spoke of her encounter with Posh last year in London for the Diana concert. Gillian had the audacity to f&ck with Posh’s fashion. But the best is that as a result of Gillian’s crime, Posh spent the rest of the time melting down in the corner trying to correct the error.

What was the error?

As simple as a turned up collar!

Can you think of anything more tragic?

Thanks to Laura for the clip!

{Video has been removed from YouTube}