Ginnifer Goodwin and Chloe Sevigny attended The Met premiere of Armida at Lincoln Centre last night both in black pants. I wish Ginnifer’s were a little longer. Who wins the Big Love Pant-Off?

Goodwin, as noted yesterday, has signed on to work with Kate Hudson and Colin Farrell, among others, in the film adaptation of Something Borrowed. She’ll play the nice girl whose bitch girl best friend is getting married but she f-cks the fiancé. Seems suitably cast, non?

Wonder if they’ll make her wear a weave. Hope not. She looks great with short, short hair. Imagine if she smiled more? It was shocking to see her smile so much in He’s Just Not That Into You. Normally she’s a bittermelon face all the time.

As for Chloe and the way she put her ass in her mouth about the writing on Big Love a couple of weeks ago – you’ve heard that she apologised, right? She claims that she doesn’t have Katherine Heigl disease, and blamed fatigue and a crafty journalist for what went down. Actors always say they want to be taken seriously. And that they are not all dumb.

Alright then, since life is about choice, here’s one for Chloe: are you ungrateful and smart or grateful and stupid?

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