When did you first learn that the whole "red carpet endeavour" was a little more complicated than just some stars putting on a dress and going to a party?  Years ago, right? You heard about the stylists and limo sequences and borrowing dresses and the whole thing and we’ve all known for years. Nobody is under the impression that this is anything less than a major undertaking.   Right?

So then why aren’t camera tests a part of these things? I yawned off Ginnifer Goodwin’s dress last night – only to discover in stills this morning that it’s orange, not red. It makes a world of difference, which is interesting, right?   Where the regular snoozy tomato red-and-cream combo that appeared on my TV via the red carpet and the broadcast seemed predictable and kind of staid, the orange-and-beige contrast looks bright and fresh and exciting and I kind of covet it a lot.

So why wasn’t it camera-tested?  I remember this coming up re: Michelle Williams at the Oscars last year, and it might just be one of those problems with red-related colours – there’s a reason they’re not recommended for TV, because they’re not always "true".    But to have that beautiful dress wind up looking like someone’s majorette uniform is tragic and also kind of a rookie mistake. I feel like Goodwin should know better.