So... Giovanni Ribisi married Agyness Deyn. That came out of nowhere, right? Which, I mean, fine, since it’s not like either one is a magazine cover subject but he was in a relationship with Cat Power like forever and that only ended, I dunno, a couple of months ago, tops. It was around the time she finished her new album which will be released early September. So, again, this is fresh. Like SUPER recent. Ribisi and Power lived together with his daughter. They split and five minutes later he’s Agyness Deyn’s husband?

When it happens that quickly, it’s Mad Love.

It’s madder love than Miley and Liam who’ve been together 3 years.

The thing with Mad Love and these famous arty types is that it is often unsustainable. Super super hot and sexy and also heartbreakingly volatile. It can flame out really quickly. When you wrap a Xenu around the situation, well, you know.

Ribisi is a Scientologist. What happens when her high fashion friends can’t reach her? Fashion people aren’t known for discretion, you know? What happens when she stops returning their calls? What happens when the lust haze wears off and she stops responding to auditing? What happens when her designer friends have to rescue her from the Church? I’m not sure Agyness Deyn is as ... pliable as Katie Holmes. And then the British tabloids get into it. And then the Secret of the Sea Org is blown wide open...?

Attached - Ribisi at the Ted premiere last night.