I know there are the Bana fans out there, the ones who write to me on occasion, arguing for his place on the Freebie 5. Said it before and I"ll say it again… he"s definitely attractive. But - please forgive me and remember, I"m the loser who pines for fictional characters, ok? - I"m just not down with the weird way his face tapers into those disappearing lips, it totally freaks me out. And then along comes Gisele. You all know I love Gisele. Because Gisele can make anyone hot. And in the pages of Vogue, WITH Gisele, Eric Bana is very, very, very hot, though if you take a look at that solo shot, you can fully appreciate that round head, pointy chin, no lips thing I was talking about - kinda like when Conan O"Brien does those cut out mouth sketches on his show, when he takes the face of a celebrity and gets someone else to do the talking through a small hole - it"s all I can think about when I see Eric Bana, and how can you expect my loins to quiver when all they can picture is a cut out mouth and a really whiny voice? Photos from ONTD