MET Perfection: Gisele & Tom

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 4, 2010 10:58:55 May 4, 2010 10:58:55

You have to see them in person. It’s CRAZY. The double gorgessity is CRAZY. Having seen them live before, at this event, pre-engagement and babies and loving it up hardcore, I know what it must have been like last night. They are ridiculous. I once walked by a colleague who was flipping through a magazine from the Met Gala in 2008 and of course there was a huge section of the page devoted to Gisele in that pale Versace with Tom on the steps (click here for a refresher) and my colleague was just staring, for several minutes just staring, because it’s so impossibly inequitably perfect, these two. That they are them individually and have come together to be what they are now? Straight up unfair. And they keep doing it over and over again.

Love Tom Brady’s hair a little long. So handsome. And then there’s Gisele in this sick sick SICK Alexander Wang. I shouted last night about this dress. A great dress is exciting. And f-cking Wang is amazing. We were at Opening Ceremony in LA a couple of months ago and Duana, she bought the Alexander Wang Freja lace boots and I hated her so much but then I went upstairs and I found it: the most perfect black dress ever, also an Alexander Wang, and I didn’t want to but Dan made me try it on and once you try it on, there’s no question, you have to buy. Because no dress will ever fit that way and make me feel like that again. My Alexander Wang, it fixes every flaw and hides every problem and it’s a testament to his construction because I am telling you, that sh-t is magic. But as magical as mine may be, I bet you it’s nothing compared to what he did with this custom Gisele. Jesus Christ it’s all I want to do all day. Stare at her in this Wang. F-ck.

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