These two are obscene. So obscenely goodlooking they need a new word. A new word to describe their complete and total gorgessity domination. It is SO unfair!

Watching them paw at each other is even worse. They stood there on the landing, basking in their own beauty, quite obviously ridiculously in love with each other and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Like I wanted to be in bed with them as one entity. Not Gisele and Tom and Gisele and Tom together. Does that make sense?


There is nothing more perfect than the pairing of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen. Please Xenu, please marry them and give them babies soon so that they can test the Celebrity Baby Theory. I’m dying to know.

Also… there seemed to be something new about their relationship. Last year he couldn’t dash upstairs quickly enough, leaving her posing alone on the carpet. This year it was the opposite. Gisele is famously guarded about her relationships but on this night, she appeared to be making a statement: we are doing carpets now. We are solid enough to be doing carpets.

When asked about her superpower, Tom said of Gisele: "She"s telepathic. She reads my mind — it"s a problem."

Are you quivering? I’m quivering!

PS. Her body? It’s sick. F&cking sick. Among those of us there, the general consensus, among the models and the actors, it was Gisele who took our breath away.

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