Check out Gisele Bundchen’s face behind Ginnifer Goodwin last night. Amazing, right? Shall we Photo Assumption?

Errrrm... who invited all these Bs? Is that the girl from Twilight with the really bad pixie wig?

To be fair, Ginnifer Goodwin is a few steps ahead of Ashley Greene. And her makeup is great. I love how this pops. And even though she looks sour and miserable, as she does, I’m actually less annoyed with her than I am with Gisele who for some reason kept swanning her ass out like a cheerleader and making kissy faces with Tom Brady. A few years ago, they showed up on these steps and did the same thing and back then it was subtle and new. The problem is that she keeps replaying the same move at the same event in a dress that, though it’s vintage McQueen, is hardly as exciting as the Versace from 2008 – click here for a refresher.

Vogue put out this book of photos a while ago and these two, from their Met Gala glorious past, graced a full page and I remember my friend Lara saying to me she could stare at that picture forever. This year, it just wasn’t the same.

Back to Ginnifer for a minute...

Her dress is Topshop and now you’re thinking OMG – I can totally go buy this on the high street and not spend so much money and it’s the same way with the press getting all jizzy about the fact that this is not couture but then you read the fine print and realise the Topshop design team customed this for her and lengthened the store version and spent so much more time tailoring it to her specifications and it turns out you can’t actually buy what she’s wearing so, really, what’s the point in telling me it’s Topshop and accessible when, really, it’s not at all?

Photos from Stephen Lovekin/Larry Busacca/TIMOTHY A. CLARY/