Here it is…

Gisele Bundchen is reportedly pregnant. People says so. Which means Gisele and Tom Brady are approving the non-official announcement even though Radar had exclusively sourced it weeks ago. At the time, Tom denied it. But as I had also mentioned, no one in Boston was buying. So it would seem that the couple of all gorgessity will be producing a child. And therefore challenging my Celebrity Baby Theory.

The rationale behind the Celebrity Baby Theory is that with such a high concentration of attractiveness, life ultimately balances out the aesthetic motherload, God having blown His wad on creating the two perfect parents in the first place. As such, the formula is as follows:

Hot + hot = Ugly
Hot + average = Fairly attractive
Average + Average = Hot
Horse face stars (SJP) + gay husbands = Cute
Hot + Ugly = Ugly
Average + Ugly = Uglier
Ugly + Ugly = Donatella Versace

Obviously Gisele and Tom fit in to category #1.

Maybe even their own category: Super Hot + Super Hot.

The question is…

Will Super Hot + Super Hot = Not so hot?

Or will their child become an exception? Exceptions are possible. Cindy Crawford is a great example. Her children are ridiculously beautiful. And Halle Berry too.

It’s a new poll question:

Will Gisele & Tom Spawn prove the Celebrity Baby Theory? Or will Gisele & Tom Spawn defy it?

Here’s Gisele this week on the runway in Sao Paolo. She’s getting more attractive with pregnancy. F-cking unfair.

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