Oh GiGi, you so sneaky.

Despite numerous reports of an engagement, and subsequent numerous denials, Gisele Bundchen married Tom Brady yesterday in Santa Monica. Us Weekly broke the story first and given the details, it sounds like G and T had been planning for a while.

It happened at a small Catholic church, just family, and a form fitting gown by Dolce & Gabbana who also provided lace collars for Gisele’s 3 dogs.

Needless to say, previous speculation about a Costa Rican wedding were obviously way off base. California is where Tom’s son is based. Clearly he wanted to be close to his kid and John Edward Thomas was indeed present.

So now it’s official…

The prettiest, most perfect couple ever. Look at them! It’s sickening!

But immune to the Celebrity Baby Theory? It happens when the Creator has worked too hard already on the parents. When it comes to spawn, it’s like there’s nothing left.

PS. There have long been rumours that Leo has never gotten over Gisele and that this accounts not only for his on/off relationship with Bar but also for his, um, occasional performance issues. Wonder how he’ll react to this….

File photos from ST/Splashnewsonline.com and Amy Sussman/Stringer/Gettyimages.com