It was family weekend in Boston for Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady. They were both at his sister’s graduation. And then they went to the park where there were kisses for everyone -- Tom, Gisele, the babies, the dog. Vivian looks a lot like her brother Benjamin, non?

I could never swing from a tree while slinging a baby. I’d barely be able to walk while slinging a baby. They’re so small and fragile!

My favourite of these photos are the ones in which Tom appears to be playing patty cakes with son Jack. Until TMZ or some other misogynist decides he’s a pussy for carrying Gisele’s bag and shoes and teaching his boy how to bake. Click here if you missed that post. What could possibly be more MAN than a hall of fame quarterback and NFL legend who’s gentle and caring and helpful and loving to his wife and children?