Girl sh-t is the best sh-t. You know.

So Gisele was overheard sh-tting on the Patriots receivers to a friend after the Super Bowl on Sunday night after getting heckled by a Giants fan. Click here for a refresher. That exploded in a huge story yesterday, almost overshadowing the result of the game itself. Now witch-hunting the wife has turned in a bloodsport as media and fans are collectively, gleefully, taking turns tearing her apart...

Much to the delight of the other Patriot WAGs. Who are now talking to the press - off the record, of course - about how Gisele meangirled them, how she judged their homely clothing, how she looked down on them for their hair and makeup.

“Gisele has very few friends among the wives. Of course, many are jealous of her looks and all that, but she doesn’t make it easy to like her — since she obviously feels so superior to all of us.”

“Gisele is . . . so stuck up and treats them all like yahoos. . . . In many cases, the other wives are not all that sophisticated, but Gisele has been openly snotty to several of them — making cracks about how they dress and use too much makeup. Stuff like that.”

AMAZING, right?

Look, I’m a girl. And I’m a petty bitch. I’ll admit it for the people who can’t bring themselves to: it tastes good when the pretty girl goes down, doesn’t it? But don’t pretend in all of this that it’s not motivated by something you’re a little bit ashamed of, when the smallest part of yourself triumphs over what should be the best part of yourself - and the justification, of course, of course, is that...well ...she deserves it!!! Are we our own worst enemies?

Sports loyalties can make people crazy. I see this at my house I see it in my inbox. Last year when the Boston Bruins and the Vancouver Canucks played for the Stanley Cup, people were emailing me, like regular, sane readers ordinarily, sh-t like:

“Of course you can’t have babies, you live in soul-less Vancouver, there’s not enough heart!”

Gisele is a f-cking dumbass for not being able to turn away from the f-cking loser yelling in her face. But why are there so many losers yelling in people’s faces? If that’s your boyfriend, it has to be a dealbreaker, right?

Will the sanctimonious and proud Gisele apologise? Will she do it in a way that still reminds people that she is Gisele Bundchen, who makes more money than Tom Brady and is certainly not the lesser in that relationship?

Word is she doesn’t want to but apparently Tom, behind the scenes, is mortified that his wife has become the story. How does that play out at home?