Totally disagree with her stance on British men but kisses to Gisele for her dismissal of James Blunt. How that prick with his limp dick music manages to score model after model is way beyond me. Is money enough to make his clammy teeth go away? Never for me. Or for Gisele.

During an interview this week, Gisele said she’s not attracted to Englishmen which a reporter mentioned wouldn’t bode well for James Blunt who’s been “desperate” to meet her in London. Problem is, not only does she not dig British blokes, when told about his crush, she replied she had no idea who the hell he was!

"Who is that? No, I"m sorry, I have no idea who you"re talking about."


Here’s G at the Ebel/Arsenal event the other day posing with Thierry Henry just after her weekend in Vegas with Tom Brady. They stayed at the Wynn, she played doting girlfriend as he golfed on the resort course – green fees are $500! – and observers say they could not keep their hands off each other the whole time.

Like please. Why would she know James Blunt after Leo and with Tom? And the fact that James Blunt actually thought he could have a go at a girl on Tom Brady’s arm???


Thanks Allyson!