As previously noted, I have a lot of admiration for my own hair. Love it. However, I am not a fan of my breasts. Wish they were smaller. That said, they still stand up reasonably well. And the skin looks good. Some days, like a week after my period and I’m not bloated and they’re the smallest they get during the month, I actually hate them less than I normally do. But I’ve never had children, nor do I intend to.

This is what I learned from my cousin, Cat. I used to wish I had her smaller breasts instead of mine. But Cat gave it to me real a while ago after having her second kid. After babies, they’re never the same again. In Cat’s case, they’re deflated and wrinkled. So, now that she’s done breast feeding, we’re going to get her an enhancement. Not like porn size, but like Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson and Nicole Richie. All modest-breasted women who had two kids and then decided to get a modest pick-up. It’s a club! The After Baby Breast Club? The ABBC Club? (I’m taking credit for this if no one else has yet.) And you know who joined this year?

Gisele Bundchen. Check her out on the beach earlier this week in the Bahamas with Tom Brady and their family.