Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen were photographed together for the first time in months this week. PEOPLE reported yesterday that they were holding hands Monday when they left an office building in New York. And now we know why…

In the new issue of US Weekly, the magazine reports that Gisele recently “consulted with a divorce lawyer”. Outlets like US Weekly typically give celebrities a courtesy call in advance of publication so it’s not unlikely that Tom and Gisele would have known that this was coming out. Perhaps a pre-emptive pap gift to balance out the story. Because the story isn’t great for them.

A source tells US that “Tom’s become very nasty and irritable and started acting out on her”. But apparently, even though she reached out to the divorce lawyer, he’s not taking it seriously as another source connected to Brady says “Tom thinks it’s only a threat. But this is definitely a rough patch.” And while the two haven’t made any decisions yet, supposedly “things are very tense right now. This could be the end of them.”

Shakes fist… Affleck!

The most insightful part of this report is probably the “Tom thinks it’s only a threat” remark. Because it gives us some perspective about what their dynamic might be like. Gisele, as you know, has a mouth. She’s mouthed off about his wide receivers, she’s mouthed off about breastfeeding, she mouths off all the time, giving people the gossip impression that in their relationship, her mouth dominates their connection. But this is a guy who destroyed his cell phone. This is a guy who may or may not have thrown some people under the bus to save his own ass. I’m not sure she’s the difficult one in this marriage. Just reading that sentence makes me ragey. “Tom thinks it’s only a threat.” If your wife is so pissed at you, after your Super Bowl rings show up on a private plane worn by Ben Affleck’s sidepiece, and your reaction is to brush it off instead of getting down to business to make it right, what does that say about you?