I started the day listening to Celine Dion’s new song Loved Me Back To Life. It’s a real leg lunger. It sounds like it’s been written specifically for leg lunging. She can totally drop a leg lunge in there every 15 seconds if she wants to. And she does. Always.

But why did they have to f-ck around with her voice so much? It’s not like Celine doesn’t have a voice. It’s not like Celine is JLO. Is that what we do now? Even Celine Dion’s voice has to be digitised? Celine can sing without a computer…can’t she?

You know who can’t sing with or without a computer? Shut up, Duana. I can totally sing. Gisele Bundchen, on the other hand, cannot. But she has a cute little accent on the “with you” part and she’s, well, she’s Gisele, so I guess it doesn’t matter. A stumpy legged Asian troll (me!) warbling The Kinks would not have the same effect.

Gisele’s vocal stylings are for H&M. I don’t see how this helps sell clothes, but ok. This is probably the only time I will ever combine Gisele and Celine in a post and I’m sad about that.