Glamour Queen of the Week: Lindsay Lohan

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 9, 2009 09:04:19 April 9, 2009 09:04:19

And gossip queen too.

The cover of Us Weekly and the top story this week – Lindsay Lohan single, sad, and poor. But not too poor to get her hair fixed.

That raggedy weave was looking tired and stank. So she and her hag sister Ali hit up a salon yesterday for a touch-up. Looks much, MUCH better. This is exactly how long my hair is. Except straight. And black. And all real. Don’t want to cut it. Do I have to?

Anyway, as you can see from the smug ass expression on her face, Lilo seems rather pleased with the extra publicity she’s received as a result of her split from Sam. So much so that she rather hilariously believes that this just might boost her career. That would be wrong. Rumour has it she’s now looking for a temporary boy hookup, just to keep things interesting. Not only to make Samantha jealous but also in the hopes of riding another cover next week, a strategy approved by Dina Lohan but not by Stevie Nicks.

Apparently Lindsay wants to play her in a biopic. Ms Nicks has other ideas: “Over my dead body. She needs to stop doing drugs and get a grip. Then maybe we’ll talk.”

LOVE Stevie Nicks! Will Dina publicly confront Stevie Nicks? Via Access Hollywood? Please… Let.It.Happen.

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