Glamour's Women of the Year event concluded last night with a tribute to Hillary Clinton as many of the celebrity and activist attendees, including Shonda Rhimes, Elizabeth Banks, Adam Scott, Zendaya, and more gathered together on stage to honour HRC's campaign but also, most importantly, to throw down a reminder that while her campaign is over, the work must continue. That means advocating for gender equality, racial equality, equal opportunity, and women's reproductive rights.

Constance Wu had the mic for a while. As you know, Constance has become one of the most outspoken actors in the business over the last couple of years. As Fresh Off The Boat has grown in popularity and awareness, so too has her voice grown in responsibility and loudness. Constance has said before that her willingness to agitate has pissed off executives and they've reacted by trying to "white-mansplain" to her why she's wrong and dumb. So she's not the kind of actress they usually see in their offices, who are agreeable and accommodating and - which you can't blame them for either because they've been told, institutionally, that they are inferior, should be grateful and not assertive - she comes in all mouthy with her lady opinions. What will that mean for her opportunities? Will they deem her too much of a pain in the ass?

Well that's why we need more Shondas. Shonda definitely doesn't think Constance is a pain in the ass. She's openly admired Constance before:

What we need then is for every male executive who can't be bothered with Constance, there should be a Shonda who's keeping her on a list, ready to work with her, write for her, the first chance she gets. Shonda and Constance are the ones you want to impress.