I was at an event a while ago talking to an “Oh I Know” girl, you know that girl? She knows everything. Everything is an Oh I Know. This is the best place to buy cheese – Oh I Know. I love this song – Oh I Know. I can’t find an affordable townhouse – Oh I Know. Few things in life are as annoying as the Oh I Know girl.

So we’re talking, she and I and another friend of mine who was trying to ditch me because he was about to stab Oh I Know girl, and Glee comes up. Of course she KNOWS about Glee. She f-cking invented Glee. Then she declares that Glee is not really realistic because high school show choirs can’t possibly put together that kind of production value and quality.

This is the John Burroughs High School “Powerhouse” on Oprah yesterday during the Glee episode.

As for the Glee cast – I didn’t watch the Oprah interview because what do you really learn from an Oprah interview? Did you learn more from the Oprah interview than what you learned from the Rolling Stone article?

Have you read the Rolling Stone article?

I read it a couple of weeks ago on a plane by myself. And that sucked. Because every two minutes I kept trying to turn to Duana and punching her like – OMG! This part! OMG! Isn’t it so deflating to experience something gossipy without a friend to punch in the arm?

Anyway, a lot of people thought the journalist was offside. Inappropriate questions, tried to make the actors uncomfortable, ended up getting meangirled at the end of the day as a result.


I loved it.

Because his behaviour shaped the story. And his behaviour made it so much less safe and boring. His behaviour brought out a much more authentic side of the stars, ALL OF THEM. Lea Michele is a narcissistic humourless bitch, Cory Monteith is a con artist and a skilled dodger (which totally makes up for his bad pants) with a shady past, and Dianna Agron is a tight ass prude. It’s AMAZING. And so is Jane Lynch. Who has no patience for silly high school games and will cut a motherf-cker for wasting her time. As for the heartbreaking Chris Colfer, well, he may have the attitude, but he has to follow a locker room code too.

Every celebrity interview and article should be like this. Makes the game way more interesting. And it forces them to PLAY it too.

Click here to read the entire Rolling Stone Glee piece.

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