The cast of Glee was photographed yesterday on the set prepping for what looks like a New York City themed musical number. Gold chained b-boys! Rumour has it that Empire State of Mind could be heard during filming. Lea Michele was in great spirits. The episode is probably all about her then.

returns for its second season with high expectations as buzz has not abated over the summer and new details continue to emerge about what to expect. Less fluff and more character development?

Ausiello confirmed yesterday that Carol Burnett has signed on to play Sue Sylvester’s mother. Like it. There will be a Britney Spears themed sequence. Fine, I guess. John Stamos plays Emma’s love interest. And since Ryan Murphy worked with Javier Bardem on Eat Pray Love, people keep saying he’s supposed to guest. Enough with the f-cking guests. They’re great guests. But is that the show? All this on top of the fact that they’ll be adding new kids to New Directions and it feels like they’ll have to jam 10 songs in an hour.

Having said that, on a positive tip, I have been told that they’re keenly aware of the threat of fatigue. Hopefully then they’ll be able to manage it all. Glee premieres on September 21.

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