In response to many of your emails today about Once’s big win over Enchanted last night – we were squealing in the press room. If you’ve seen it, you obviously know why.

But this has now become my biggest fear – love a celebrity, or a film, or a song, only to lose that affection just a little (or sometimes a lot in the case of Joaquin Phoenix) when you actually see them in action.

First – please know that Marketa was not brought back on stage last night because she threw a strop. She was invited. And it was sweet. And she’s adorable.

So we were all excited to see them come into the press room. And when they arrived, he was still totally amped. Which I guess is why he proceeded to take over the entire time. It’s when I saw her looking up at the ceiling on several occasions that I became uncomfortable. Finally a question was addressed directly at her and she was able to get a word in but soon after, there’s Glen Hansard running along his own train. Again. Interminably.

Something about it seemed wrong. Their age difference, her virtual disappearance next to him… I wish I’d left the room before they came in. Now it’s not the same, you know?

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