Glenn Close was surrounded by a rather eclectic group last night at a screening in New York for Albert Nobbs that included John Leguizamo and Sinead O’Connor along with Close’s Albert Nobbs co-star Mia Wasikowska. Also in New York, Meryl Streep with her husband Don Gummer at the premiere of The Iron Lady.

It was once thought that it would be these two ladies going head to head for Best Actress. Meryl’s still in the conversation, of course, but Glenn needs to make some moves. Her SAG nomination is indeed a good sign for an Oscar nod too but the Academy doesn’t announce its list until the third week of January; a lot can happen from now to then to sway voters. If she wants to be included, it wouldn’t hurt to put herself out there a little. Like Meryl though, that just might not be her style.

I wonder though if there’s a way to do it without losing your dignity. They don’t all have to pull a Melissa Leo.