Laura sent me this link today and it's become the best part of my day. She posited - is Cunnilingus the new Going Ugly? Sort of. Her words were more elegant. But the spirit is the same.

Seems a lot of Oscar contenders this year have oral pleasure in common. Natalie Portman - spoiler! - gets it from Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams from Ryan Gosling, Annette Bening from Julianne Moore. And more.

So... Going Down is the new Going Ugly? For an Oscar?

If I'm Chloe Sevigny, I'm feeling I got jacked. She nearly killed her career when she blew Vincent Gallo in Brown Bunny. Then again, no one really saw the art in that. And maybe penises aren't as award friendly as vaginas.

(I love writing this article.)

Anyway, all that has me trying to remember fellatio scenes in movies. For some reason, the only one that comes to mind is Sharon Stone delivering on Joe Pesci in Casino. Maybe because it was so...base.

She was doing it for cash money. He f-cking jams her head into his lap. It's the ultimate degradation. And, if memory serves, it's the closest Sharon has ever come to Oscar consideration. There might be something to this.

This is Chloe at the Big Love premiere last night.

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