Amal and George Clooney, another wedding reception in England this weekend. She wore gold. It’s a recycle! Last February at the premiere of The Monuments Men, before we knew of her, she was observed on the carpet walking by unrecognised, in the same dress. Click here to see. There’s video.

Many of you who’ve seen these pictures already are commenting on Amal’s expression. Which I find interesting because the common expected reaction for brides is to want to hang on to that day for as long as possible. You’re Photo Assuming that Amal looks over it. Is she over it? Is she actually tired of partying at her own wedding reception over and over and over again?

I wonder if she’s over the family thing.

If you’ve ever participated in your own wedding, you know the family …intensity… that can be involved in a wedding. And she’s had a LOT of family intensity lately. Reportedly this reception was for a lot of family on her side unable to come to Venice. There’s a look on a woman’s face that she gets when, you know, her mother’s been in her face a lot. Come ON. You know the look.