But first…

Yes Tatiana Maslany. YES. YES. YES. And Amy Poehler. YES. YES. YES.

Every year, the Hollywood Foreign Press decides to anoint a show, and often earlier than the other award boards. This year, that show is Masters Of Sex, right? Michael Sheen received a nomination and the show is now contending for Best Drama. But, as Duana said, and I’m paraphrasing her here, f-ck them for not including Lizzy Caplan. Also, and this is from me, f-ck Downton Abbey. Really. And if it were me I’d have Anna Gunn on there over Taylor Schilling. And please, when are we going to get over The Big Bang Theory?

But what show has fallen far out of favour? Mad Men. Totally missing.

While the Screen Actors Guild got super hard over The Butler, the HFPA wasn’t feeling it. The Butler was totally shut out. OPRAH WAS SHUT DOWN. Oprah! The Mighty O was considered a LOCK for Best Supporting Actress. And instead they recognised Sally Hawkins kinda out of nowhere. It is, without a doubt, the biggest snub of the season.

Second biggest snub? Probably Martin Scorsese. It’s a crowded, crowded field. And while The Wolf Of Wall Street is nominated in the “Comedy” category, the fact that only Leonardo DiCaprio is being singled out individually doesn’t really help its momentum coming off of SAG. Wolf didn’t screen for SAG members but they did make it in time for the HFPA. The problem is everyone else was just too strong.

And then there’s Jonah Hill. Bradley Cooper took his place. Let him pout while we celebrate…

Chiwetel Ejiofor’s two nominations!

My #1 Oscar Isaac!

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