Ricky Gervais, right?

Not to be belligerent but if you’re reading this blog, and you’re a gossipy bitch, I won’t understand it if you come at me with – “he was so inappropriate”.

He was exactly as we wanted him to be.

He did not care.

And he said the sh-t you want him to say. He said the sh-t YOU would say. That The Tourist is a joke. That certain Scientologists are GAY and frauds. That Bruce Willis is indeed Ashton Kutcher’s father. That Charlie Sheen is a mess. I mean… in a room full of the fakest of the fakes, people who have perfected the art of backstabbing, cheating, and lying, why wouldn’t you delight in Ricky Gervais calling it as it is?

It’s the Golden Globes after all. Where bribery is the magic word. And you expected him to “respect the occasion”?

Well… didn’t he?

But where was Justin Timberlake?

Working or sulking? Let me guess – he graciously did not want to take any attention away from his costars.

As for the style selections of the night, as already noted, there were gifts, so many gifts, so many putrid, horrifying gifts. Shockingly bad. Which means, for us, hilariously good. No doubt we will disagree. And I look forward to reading you yelling at me in my inbox. But by and large, I’m sure we can all come to the consensus that there was more suck than gold. Let’s to it then, shall we?


It’s a new world. I finally know now why the hate for Natalie Portman.

Photos from Wenn.com