Golden Globes 2010 Wrap-up

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 18, 2010 05:34:48 January 18, 2010 05:34:48

WHO’s NATALIE???????????????????

As Duana noted during our live blog, that sealed it for us right there. No matter what happened after, Julia Roberts’s dismissal of “Natalie” made our lives.

Some of you were not watching NBC’s Globes preshow so you missed the moment. “Natalie” is Natalie Morales. She and Billy Bush and Vanessa Minnillo shared positions on the carpet interviewing arrivals. As the most “legit” reporter among the three, you’d think Natalie would be the most prepared. Natalie was not prepared. Natalie couldn’t get her sh-t right between Sam Jackson and RDJ.

So there’s Billy Bush interviewing Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. It’s always ALL ABOUT JULIA ROBERTS. I used to complain about this. Then Heidi Montag became a household name. I have now seen the errors of my ways. Julia Roberts is a superstar. And she opened by slagging NBC. Took Hanks along with her. When it was time to go, Billy thanked her and then threw to “Natalie”. And this is when Julia delivered the gold:

Could you hear her honking from her table the whole night? I could hear it all night, Julia’s goose honk laughter eclipsing everyone else.

More Julia please. And more Ricky Gervais. What we were given of Ricky Gervais was the sh-t. But there was not enough. Not nearly enough. A shortage of Ricky and an overload of James Cameron.

Give it up for yourselves???

THAT, friends, pretty much sums up what I know of Avatar: Corn. I’m with Jessica Lange. Jessica Lange doesn’t even know what that means.

But Avatar is the People’s movie. And the networks need ratings. So this is your preview for the Oscars: there will be Blue. There will also be Mo’Nique. Mo’Nique came to play. Mo’Nique is getting with the program. Finally. So the Supporting categories are pretty well locked up, Jeff Bridges is now this year’s Mickey Rourke except he (as noted by my producer Morley) has lineage AND a better reputation on his side, Sandra Bullock just Erin Brockoviched the Academy and hijacked Carey Mulligan, and the Best Picture race is even murkier.

Enough discussion about winners and losers. As always, it’s about the style. Or it should be about the style. Even though this year was boring as f-ck. For those of you new to the site, a pretty dress is not enough. This is not about you. This is about them. And access. And imagination. Some understand this. Many of them do not.

Will try to include as many people as possible. As always, welcome your comments. You will undoubtedly disagree. Can’t wait to hear it. Please send! May not be able to reply to all but will always read every message.

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