It was a night of moms tonight, and it was awesome. Jared Leto’s mom was much celebrated and beautiful and it didn’t even feel cheesy. Matthew McConaughey’s mother was wearing a kick-ass dress and clearly ran him like a train schedule. Steve McQueen’s mother standing up at the back of the room was one of my favourite moments of the night.

And then there was Goldie Hawn. And she seemed like The Cool Mom. And I don’t mean that in a good way. With the hair over her eyes and the sliiiight slurring and the honestly kind of goofy grin, she seems like the mom who would wander in and kind of smile at the fact that you had one joint between eight people, and tell long rambling stories about when she used to go to the Joshua Tree all the time. Ultimately harmless, but like, how did she wander into the Oscars? What happens when she gets bored at the Governor’s Ball and needs a ride to Whole Foods after the show?