I LOVE Gordon Pinsent. We all were in love with Gordon Pinsent when Away From Her was making its Oscar run a couple of years ago. Last year I sat next to him at the Heart Truth fashion show featuring his daughter. He was so adorably proud, and clapped and beamed so enthusiastically every time he saw her, my heart hurt just watching him. At the very end he was so happy for her that he actually leaned over and hugged me, he didn’t know what to do with all his emotions. It was incredibly sweet. And it’s an overused phrase but in this case totally applies: he’s a national treasure.

And so here he is. In the vein of Walken doing Gaga and Shatner Palin, on This Hour Has 22 Minutes, it’s Gordon Pinsent reading from Justin Bieber’s autobiography. The 25% off sticker in the corner is killing me.