The boys of Gossip Girl on the cover of the new Details.

At best Penn Badgley is an afterthought. At worst, he's a no thought. An afterthought > a no thought but still, it's like the pasta dish at a steak restaurant. Does anyone ever really?

Chace Crawford? Marginally more interesting because of what he likes to do in the city, something he addresses but doesn't exactly deny when discussing his "GayFace" which he actually does in the article. The thing with Chace though, having observed him on more than one occasion and most recently at the MMVAs in Toronto - what's totally offputting is the constant and carefully choreographed "brooding", almost as though he's repeating "James Dean, James Dean, James Dean" over and over and over again in his head.

Ummm...not even close, sister.

Which brings us to Chuck Bass. Ed Westwick had a girlfriend. Ed Westwick is now single, despite that random hook up with Drew Barrymore last week, and is the recipient of more phone numbers than he knows what to do with but hopefully whatever he does do is dirty and hurts a little but not too much. Gah! I'm old! He's an infant!

However, there are new discoveries that rank along with the turned out feet and the fact that he's wee. Perhaps not quite dealbreakers but lame attributes nonetheless.

It's his tattoos.

He has one on this chest that says HEARTBREAK HOTEL and another under his shoulder 21 GRAMS.

Child... please. That's cool to a 14 year old but maybe for 5 minutes.
Are you rolling your eyes?

But that's the appeal of the Shamef*ck isn't it? He's f*cking disgusting...and yet you can't help yourself. To further this point - watch the video that Details filmed during the boys' cover shoot. Hear him speak. It's a shot to the loins...

Article and video here.