Gwyneth Paltrow was at the first annual Poetic Justice Fundraiser for the Coalition For Engaged Education yesterday in Santa Monica. She spoke at the event – her second speaking engagement this week after talking about anonymous internet haters earlier this week at the Code Conference (click here for a refresher) – and also performed on stage with Sasha Spielberg who is exactly who you think she is.

As you know, Steven Spielberg is G’s godfather. He was there too. This is her power base. The origin connection. The root of her influence. Why she will never be an outcast. Why girls like Gwyneth are never cast out. All they do is they accumulate more. Oh. OH.

Remember, she was at the Code Conference with Sergey Brin and Satya Nadella. You heard about Brin’s recent messy split from his wife, right? Rumour has it, there was another woman involved, a Google employee called Amanda Rosenberg. Not sure if Brin and Rosenberg are still seeing each other but if you know Gwyneth, you know she doesn’t slum. And what could possibly be more potentially smug-worthy than dating Google. GOOGLE. Sergey Brin is totally her type too.

Goop & Google?

God, it might send you all over the edge.

Click here if you want the background on the Brin-Rosenberg situation from Vanity Fair. Good read.