Taylor Swift stepped out in stripes yesterday. What do you think she has in her purse? I’m asking because E! posted an article this morning listing all the times Taylor has “carried an empty purse”. I mean…I feel like you could apply this to most celebrities of Taylor’s calibre, you know? Like I’m pretty sure Beyoncé doesn’t need to schlep around all her sh-t either, or stuff her bag so full that she can never find her keys in that goddamn side pocket – I am always f-cking chipping my nail polish in that goddamn side pocket! – and put strain on her shoulder because there is always a laptop, three chargers, a first aid kid, a giant wallet, an e-cig case, 10 lipsticks, and a bottle of water in her tote. If you’re Beyoncé or Taylor, all you need is a phone and an exclusive credit card in your bag. The rest can be carried around by the security detail.

Anyway, it’s been, what?, a couple of weeks now since Swoki died? All we’re hearing is that she’s fine, she doesn’t hate Tom Hiddleston, she’s not upset about it the way she’s been upset about her past breakups, she’s back in the studio, oh and the Emmys are three days away, where Tom Hiddleston has been nominated and will be presenting – more on him later.

Do you miss Swoki? I do. Swoki was so great for gossip, of course I miss Swoki. The demise of Swoki, however, does have one benefit. If you’ve been reading this blog a while, you know I’ve been Gossip Genie-ing Taylor for Prince Harry for a few years. Now I can resume rubbing for it.

It’s Harry’s birthday today! I wish him health, happiness, and Taylor Swift!