Are you ready? Tonight marks the return of Gossip Girl. Am 34. Am pathetic. Can’t.F&cking.Wait.

But the good news is … Gossip Girl is not Twilight. Well... in one way, it might be like Twilight. Because Twilight the movie will artistically be undoubtedly better than the book. And same goes for Gossip Girl the tv show. Unlike Twilight however, at the very least, Gossip Girl is clever. And Gossip Girl has just been called “genius” by New York Magazine.

Click here for the article and take a look at the white hot cover. They’ve been selling teen sex and pushing all the right, and wrong but right, buttons. Except Penn Badgley looks like a male ballerina.

Speaking of Penn – SPOILER ALERT! – here he is shooting scenes with Michelle Trachtenberg the other day. Kissing. And Serena sees them. Like… OMFG!!!

Michelle plays Georgina, Serena’s nemesis, and a super c-word who makes Blair look like a lamb.

Really? My Blair/Brenda? My Blair the biggest bitch?

Oh Xenu… let there be a showdown. It would make my life.

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