The CW isn’t wasting time, not wanting to lose the buzz and momentum around the show is that is trying to save the network. Needless to say, that would be Gossip Girl.

Do you miss them? You know you do.

Mr Chuck and Blair. Even Nate...who appears to get a little naughty. At least according to the new teaser trailers just released – see below.

Of course Chuck at the beach is smarmy and delicious even though Ed Westwick’s body is disgusting and I’d sleep with him anyway. There’s also a quick shot of Nate on a hammock with Serena??? If you’re a fan of Serena and Dan though, not to worry. On set this week the two have been kissing up a character.

My favourite clip is the camaro. SO true! And it’s the most shallow thing ever but I would totally over a car. I would call off a date. I would not pick up the phone. I would develop food poisoning. I would bail over a camaro.

And a Dodge Magnum. And a dude who lives in the city, works in an office, and drives a pick up truck. There are certain attributes that can be derived from men who prefer these vehicles. A camaro being one of them.

Photos from Gossip Girl’s new season beginning September 1st. Until then, enjoy the videos below.

Mr Chuck



Behaving Badly


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