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Even when the show isn’t strong, Gossip Girl always does a great job cutting their trailers. The trailers are more often than not better than the actual episodes. And the first episodes of the new season take place in Paris.


I dunno, I think it’s cute.

And I think Chuck Bass looks f-cking HOT when he and Blair meet each other on the bridge in the red dress. His expression... OMG, I love the way Chuck loves Blair, I do I do. And if it’s one thing Blake Lively does well it’s a sex scene. You see when she gets taken by what’s presumably a Frenchman with a Vespa, the open mouth lust face she’s making?

It’s convincing, non?

This is Blake with Leighton Meester shooting GG in New York yesterday proving that her tits can indeed be contained, even when she’s only wearing a waistcoat. Of course they’re only properly harnessed here because the show’s costume designer made that decision. You know if it was up to Lively, she’d be pouring out all over the place.

Gossip Girl Season 4 premieres on September 13th.

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