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Trip skeeves me out in a way that I haven’t been skeeved in a long, long time. When he made to cry, I almost became a cutter. He’s well cast then, I suppose.

So now it’s Gossip Girl meets the Kennedy Family? My friend LB brought up a good point: Jackie Kennedy would NEVER have confronted Marilyn. Ever. So Duana’s assertion that Maureen is Hillary is more on point, although that would make Serena Monica Lewinsky which, though giggle-worthy, doesn’t seem the right fit. For one, I was never fascinated with Lewinsky’s breasts that way I am mesmerised by Blake Lively’s. Her girls were woefully under-featured this week, non?

Monday’s episode was the last until after the Olympics. No UES until March at the earliest. And just as I’m starting to root for Nate and Serena…realising that this is a minority opinion. But at least it’s an opinion. And that’s much more than Dan and Vanessa. You will note, during their scenes it’s like commercial break for us.

Attached – Blake Lively on SNL for Gossip Girl Staten Island.

Gossip Girl Weekly

Duana: So gossip girl's VO is pretty irrelevant these days

Duana: To be clear = you're all Tripp in this scenario?

Michelle: GG's messages haven't even been utilized in a while.

Michelle: I enjoy Tripp. I don't know why.

Lainey: Congressman Skeeve? Ew. No thanks.

Duana: OK, GG thinks they're Mad Men all of a sudden.

Duana: Driving in a rainy car with a melancholy blonde

Lainey: Chappaquidick! As if skeevy T could be a Kennedy

Duana: AMAZING three wolves.

Lainey: it’s like the t-shirt. Dumbest ironic fashion trend.

Michelle: Blair. STOP. acting like a wife.

Duana: Let's experiment, pretend these guys are all 30, and see if it makes a difference, K?

Duana: Skiiiiiny enough to fit through closing elevator doors.

Duana: Nice sweater, Lil.

Lainey: better highlights. Her hair looks amazing. Makes me want to cut it.

Michelle: I'll take the orange coat!

Duana: 'teenage'? Come on, Lilly, don't kid yourself.

Michelle: 19 is the new 30.

Duana: what does Rufus DO in the day? On an ordinary day?

Michelle: Remember when he had a gallery?

Lainey: remember his denim shirts?

Duana: wow, she's totally divorcing him after christmas. Or as John Mayer would say, on St. Patrick's day

Michelle: Ha a jab at E

Lainey: please stop inserting John Mayer

Duana: "...what's a finance subcomittee"? That's what I thought S was going to say

Michelle: That's what she wanted to say.

Lainey: I want to say I hate skeevy T. Have I mentioned that?

Lainey: tell me she didn’t just say “don’t be too long” with her ass hanging out.

Duana: Hello, Blair's coat

Duana: Hello, Blair's intelligence.

Michelle: Hello Blair's shoes.

Michelle: Tripp out preppies Alex P Keaton

Michelle: Most Improved Player for this season - Chuck's hair
Duana: So Tripp is gonna have an affair with Nate? Also, props for getting this song in the show so soon.

Lainey: throw your lighters in the air

Michelle: They have tanning beds for the dead?

Duana: Hahahah.

Michelle: Why do they always have to say Jenny's an IT girl? Why don't they show us?

Duana: Sorry, who is this Vanessa rerun? Jenny is ridiculous. However, green themed uniform modification I'm into.

Lainey: I want Little J’s jacket. Much.

Michelle: I like that the wannabe queen is actually age appropriate.

Michelle: Why is Paul Hoffman a name that you have to say in full every time?

Duana: I like how Nate has been essentially a talking head all year. Plus, is he going to school?

Lainey: I like Nate now. (hiding)

Michelle: He's the Delilah of the UES.

Duana: "Willa"? This is a name? (outside the 'Booky' books by Bernice Thurman Hunter)

Michelle: Very Australian I think.

Duana: Yes, Rufus, you are a trophy husband.

Michelle: "over share" I enjoy this word.

Duana: It's more elegant than TMI

Michelle: Oh S, poor whiny baby.

Duana: "I might have to get out of bed and get dressed!"

Duana: "Go get coffee of my own!"

Duana: Theory - Neither Serena nor Blair can drive

Duana: Is she supposed to be Hillary in this situation? I guess that hat means yes.

Michelle: Does that make Serena Monica Lewinsky?

Lainey: she’d prefer Monroe.

Duana: Oh Bart, so delightfully hard-hearted

Lainey: couldn’t they at least make him translucent?

Michelle: Please say harsh Chuck is back!

Duana: Also like that Bart is basically defiling Chuck's, um, manhood, here.

Michelle: Fitzgerald to Hemingway. Really?

Lainey: Isn’t that required reading for rich country folks?

Duana: Serena has never read Fitzgerald. Weed not going to help with the cold

Michelle: What position does Maureen have?

Lainey: I like Maureen. Chuck used to be Maureen.

Duana: I guess she gets to be in luncheons? What's in the goddamn letter?

Michelle: Why would Lily go back to S's father?

Duana: And why would Serena care if Lily's relationship broke up?

Lainey: Never mind this. Why is S hiding her tits?

Duana: Who do we think is up over Chuck's Bed - Nicole Richie?


Duana: your internet skills TERRIFY me

Lainey: dude. That wasn’t even 20 seconds.

Michelle: I read the article last week!

Duana: Why can Blair rapid cycle between good and evil but when Chuck does it's some sort of moral problem?

Lainey: because girls can explain it away with menstruation

Duana: Also - motorcycle in hallway?

Michelle: Weird. And Bart has replaced the GG voice?

Duana: HAH . True.

Duana: would you want an $18000 bag from a friend? What if you get bored?

Michelle: I will accept a $1800 bag but not a $18000 bag.

Duana: that's a very clear moral line, M.

Lainey: how about if it was black market and it came from my mother?

Duana: OK, Lily is TRYING to get Rufus to break up with her. I'm telling you. St. Pat's day

Michelle: Well he'll sleep with the lady from the co-op meeting in 2 weeks.

Duana: OK so Nate's going to sleep with

Michelle: Maureen?

Duana: Ew EW EW Drama masks on the wall = PROBLEM

Duana: This girl is crazy. Or whatever it is they said she was.

Duana: Now, here's the thing. K Rutherford's plastic help, if any, is so good that she and Chuck could really quite feasibly be a couple.

Michelle: True observation. And her hair is especially shiny this episode.

Lainey: good old patrician bone structure. Also note we barely comment on Dan’s scenes even when there’s internet moaning involved?

Michelle: Didn't Lily adopt Chuck?

Duana: But now he's 19?

Michelle: Ya but does that change anything.

Duana: Oooh, beautiful calfskin bags.

Duana: You mean how she's still a 19 year old mistress, and how Tripp looks like he's wearing pajamas? No.

Lainey: what’s with the knit hats?

Michelle: Ok. Now I hate Tripp.

Lainey: the crying. It broke you.

Duana: What was her name, with Ted Kennedy? I mean, it's times like this that we know the show is for us and not the 15 year old children.

Michelle: No, really this means the show is just really layered. Like a Shrek cartoon.

Duana: Mary Jo Kopechne

Duana: And Nate is devastated because why? Because he took off? He knows this is the kind of guy he is.

Lainey: It’s this an elaborate scheme to reunite Nate and Serena? Because… it’s just so much effort.

Michelle: I don't know what to type about drama girl's shirt.

Lainey: Why does she have Maureen’s face? Are they the same?

Duana: When I did a grade 12 drama exam where I played Fran Drescher, I wore something similar and yet more understated.

Michelle: Next time you call, I'm going to answer "What now Duana"

Duana: You mean you don't already? Heh. I'll respond with "Stop looking at me"

Michelle: Excellent.

Duana: OK, so Maureen has engineered the taking down of Serena so that she can retain...what, exactly?

Michelle: Her seat at the luncheon.

Michelle: I enjoyed that punch.

Duana: I did too. But the breast tucks on Maureen's coat are really, really bothering me

Lainey: I am saying. What is happening when I like Nate best?

Duana: I love how LIly is routinely like "Well, I was a whore, it's in your genes"

Michelle: I can't stop laughing.

Michelle: Blair left in a robe. Now that's a friend.

Duana: It's true.

Lainey: I would come for you both in my pink jammies.

Duana: Is any character on TV not afraid of hospitals? Or dentists?

Lainey: but they’re suuuuch bad luck.

Michelle: This is like the Reality Bites scene in the hospital with Ethan Hawk

Lainey: did you see the back of her head? it was actually greasy.

Duana: Blair has matching pajama flats?

Michelle: Of course.

Duana: I just don't think these two are good for each other, are they?

Michelle: Not for the show they're not.

Duana: like, they trade off having neuroses but I'm not sure it's the same thing as being good for each other.

Duana: You're right, they could have the same relationship if they were sleeping with other people.

Lainey: Noooo. They’re my emotional anchors.

Michelle: on another note - I just saw Nine today, and I can tell you Blair has infinitely more wrinkles than Nicole Kidman.

Lainey: was Third Lip a good dancer?

Duana: Leighton is what, 26 pretending to be 22?

Michelle: apparently 23

Duana: OK, Maureen strides into their house without announcing herself?

Duana: Dan's smirk belies his love for V

Duana: Also, what is her scarf, that she's wearing?

Michelle: It's the scarf version of the drama girl's blouse

Duana: OK, so ff your theory by two weeks.

Duana: Rufus on the prowl

Duana: I like that Dan still goes to the brooklyn loft and Jenny pretends it doesn't exist.

Duana: NB - when's the last time blood siblings on this show talked?

Michelle: Very wise observaton.

Duana: WHO?

Michelle: It's going to be his mother, right?

Duana: She never really died?

Michelle: They did leave that open ended. Why isn't he running after her?

Duana: I guess he doesn't believe it to be her?

Michelle: Well at least a lot actually happened in this ep.

Duana: This is true

Lainey: and now we all disagree on skeevy T

Duana: But there's not a single relationship I want to see play out romantically

Lainey: um, yeah, so… I’m down with Nate and Serena.


Michelle: There needs to be some new blood - but not a Tripp or Maureen like character.

Duana: I agree. But again, these people could easily be 30.

Lainey: Sue Sylvester cross over. Imagine.

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