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Ed Westwick has the worst turned out manfeet in the history of Hollywood turned out manfeet. Like his turned out manfeet should marry Britney’s turned out girlfeet.


He’s still my shamef-ck, a status cemented even more by his appearance last night at the 7th Annual Dressed to Kilt charity fashion show in New York. Look at him dripping his oily smarm all over the runway. He’s disgusting. Totally want him.

And at the very least it would be fun. Ed Westwick doesn’t seem like the self conscious type. Sigh. We finished our Glenfiddich last week. Must get more.

Today Ed was back on set at Gossip Girl wearing red pants and turning out his manfeet even more. Curiously enough, Leighton/Blair was also wearing red on bottom. Wardrobe is a character on this show… wonder what it means.

As for last night’s episode following a hot one last week... meh. It felt like filler, non? Filler before the crescendo as the show builds and builds towards the season finale. We can hope.

One highlight – the clash between Serena and Little. Finally gives Little J a reason to exist. Rival stepsisters are always relevant. Hope that flesh that out. And of course the comedic moments too. Like Nate pretending he enjoys kissing girls. He was extra pretty with the snowflakes in the background.

Our Weekly GG Chat is below.

Gossip Girl Weekly

Duana: new york skyline. It's true morning is more fun there. That nut truck made me excited for Toronto's new street food

Lainey: blair's SHOES.

Duana: I LOVE Blair's bucket hat. Do we think that teens will dress this way? If we ask them nicely?

Lainey: no. they're not allowed. they're thin enough. don't let them be more stylish than us.

Duana: Little J Demulemeester. Shouldn't they be going to school? How do they have time for Lily?

Lainey: how early do these people wake up?

Michelle: Seriously, all I can accomplish in the morning is getting my ass on the streetcar. And these guys are already knee deep in drama by 8am.

Duana: How is it possible to make Jessica Szhor look bad?

Lainey: i hate how happy V is that he called. sorry. texted.

Michelle: I hate how she always just pops up randomly. Like Penelope on SNL.

Duana: Is she f-cking Ed Westwick?

Lainey: Yes. is this the same poppy?

Michelle: Poppy got a makeover, but there’s no way a socialite would have a bob like that. Their long tresses hold their power.

Duana: Serena talking about Dan actually seems like a teenage girl. This is hilarious. Why are these two so awkward? Did they do it and I don't remember?

Michelle: To borrow a line from Duana – ouch Poppy’s a stingray.

Lainey: couldn't they fix the back of this girl's head? i'm obsessed with her bald spot. I love characters who can condescend well. It’s an underappreciated art.

Duana: hahah lily giant orange pumpkin

Lainey: Like they really get up early to have breakfast at 8am???

Michelle: Who wears sparkles to breakfast?!

Duana: well, and what time does school start? In high school, I had to show up at 7:45

Lainey: a sweet 16 party and the caterer is the first exciting item to mention? Lainey: followed by flowers? who is JONATHAN???

Duana: This year 'I don't actually appear on this show' – Little J. And if Jenny is now 16, How the f-ck old are Dan and Serena, in the US, where seniors are 17?

Lainey: what is Rufus's JOB?

Duana: Did we secretly think the family announcement was going to be Lily's having a baby...tomorrow?

Duana: Remember Blonde Eric?

Lainey: How does he feed his children? and who is styling Eric? His hair! He looks like ... Michael Phelps!

Michelle: Or James McAvoy from earlier this week.

Lainey: You leave James McAvoy alone!

Duana: you're telling me people were going to go to Penelope's party instead of Serena's? Bullsh-t. SHOES!!

Lainey: mocs!

Duana: Wait, so a teen booty call involves going out for pastries, back in again, and doing the walk of shame twice? I don't know about that.

Michelle: Please note that Nate’s had email since fifth grade. I’ve had email since first year university. I am old.

Duana: Blair's hair. Discuss.

Lainey: Laura Ingalls.

Duana: So parochial

Michelle: I think Dorota does her hair every morning.

Duana: No. Nate and Blair have nothing.

Lainey: I want Chuck to want me.

Duana: "That was us". Where can I use this in my own life?

Lainey: Or...i want to be blair and for chuck to want me.

Duana: No, I want chuck to want me for me.

Duana: I am not that old, but I would be Chuck Bass' cougar

Duana: Um, in what world does Blair think of Vanessa as anything more than a nuisance?


Lainey: Are they supposed to be Eric and Tami Taylor of the UES? Ugh.

Duana: What is the logic here? They could not be less enthused to work together.

Duana: Dear writers, 17 year old Blair would talk EITHER about Miley Cyrus OR about Elizabeth Taylor. Not Jen Aniston. How...provincial.

Lainey: So Nate would cheat on V but he won't break up with her over text? Do you buy that?

Duana: I don't buy super-sensitive teenage boys.

Duana: Where are they, missoni?

Michelle: I was trying to think about whether a 16 year old actually suit Missoni. But then I remembered 14 year old Nikki Yanofsky wore Miu Miu to the Junos.

Lainey: i disagree about Aniston. Blair is 30.

Duana: Blair is CLASSIC. She would not care about what the minivan majority cares about.

Lainey: Again. Blake Lively wearing a shirt too small.

Lainey: Miley Cyrus??? Isn't MVM?

Duana: But she is 15. So thereby classier.

Lainey: we’ll have to take that one offline. I’m not computing. I also haven’t slept. Thank you Juno Awards.

Duana: I mgiht have to ....disagree with you on the blake/serena dress?

Lainey: the yellow thing? i can see her bra line!


Duana: (Who's defensive about her bra size? Not me...)

Lainey: I'm dying again.

Michelle: I’m jealous Serena can wear yellow.

Duana: Has Nate been body-snatched? He's never said so many sentences at once.

Michelle: Notice how V set the dinner “meeting” on her soil? Random Greek diner. Probably in DUMBO.

Duana: F-ck off, Nate. Vanessa, you can do better.

Lainey: Dorota screenwriter. Love.

Duana: Vanessa, DATE DOROTA!

Duana: Why are they dressing Blair like a pilgrim? She doesn't have any makeup.

Lainey: Did they f-ck last week?

Duana: So he doesn't want to sleep with her, after one night? Dear Blair, this = doom.

Lainey: Little girl = pilgrim

Duana: What I love about this show is that all the wardrobe is INTENTIONAL

Lainey: why haven't we played board games? let's play next time i come home.
Duana: we did! Trivial pursuit!

Lainey: when?

Duana: Even Serena can't scare up enthusiasm for Nate

Duana: At Michelle's!

Lainey: right...

Michelle: I think E may have even beat us at Trivial Pursuit.

Lainey: yes. of course I did. Remind me, was I loud and obnoxious in victory?

Lainey: Du, that black and silver was made for you.

Michelle: It reminds me of the vintage dress Du has that I borrowed in London.

Michelle: (Side note: Have you watched “How to Lost Friends and Alienate People? I watched it on the plane and it starts at the Haymarket Hotel in London. And there’s a scene when wine is spilled on the floor. Must watch just for the beginning)

Lainey: Sob! London!

Duana: All of Blair's wardrobe was made for me. Why can't I have it?

Lainey: you're poor. you bought a house.

Duana: Why did we just plug ann coulter?

Lainey: a Polish doorman was reading her book. That’s a plug?

Michelle: This doorman and Dorota will hook up by the end of the season.

Duana: I haaaate Jenny's bangs

Lainey: those hamburger buns - they would never eat those. but i would.

Duana: I LOVE Nelly Yuki's dress. Is that wierd?

Lainey: yes. because i didn't notice what she was wearing. Who notices Nelly Yuki?

Duana: I hate Jenny's slumpy hoodie, I'll tell you that.

Duana: Poppy, you're 28. Why are you at a 16 year old's party?

Lainey: Little J thought that she was wearing that dress to play boardgames?

Duana: There's nothing like an ungrateful bitch to ruin a fun party.

Michelle: Note the Bronfman reference – I’m forever on the look out for Canadian content.

Lainey: oh! Jonathan!

Duana: Joooooooooonnaaaaathaaaan

Duana: What is VDW?

Lainey: Van der Woodsen

Michelle: So everyone knows where they live?!

Duana: Oh, Nessa, Audrina Patridge wore it first. And, dare I say, better. Boobier, anyway.

Lainey: Little J has not changed. What do you say Duana screenwriter?

Duana: Has not changed? Sure she has. She used to be amusing.

Michelle: I’m guessing you guys didn’t see the commercial for the new Beyonce movie Obsessed? It looks AWFUL.

Lainey: just tell me…was there hair pulling? Because if there’s hair pulling, I’m all over it. PS. Beyonce is OBSESSED with acting. Another Oscar-craver. It’s what she has in common with Miley Cyrus. Ha.

Lainey: that blonde girl dancing in the living room is a Nickelback fan.

Duana: Would a Nickelback fan wear white tights?

Duana: Oh, see, now, if Jenny makes Serena look reasonable, then we're f-cked.

Duana: Just a minute now, just a minute. Does Nate, who left Vanessa when the body was not yet cold, get to tell her what to do?

Duana: Blair with no makeup makes me really sad

Duana: Like it sucks my will to live

Lainey: Chace isn't acting here. This makes my life.

Duana: Nate is gay.

Lainey: Nate AND Chace are gay.

Duana: Who could turn down Blair waldorf?

Lainey: Only my boyfriend gets to touch my hair. I need to hire a scriptwriter for my life.

Duana: So if there is nobody else for nate, why did he break up with Vanessa in the first place?

Lainey: because nate has the mayor now.

Duana: I kind of want an Eric spinoff instead of a Lily one

Lainey: I actually LOVE this S vs J battle.

Duana: Me too

Duana: But J wins by enunciating

Lainey: embarrasseen?

Lainey: Nice segue.

Duana: Dan, pick a side.

Duana: I love how every week Lily is like "um, my children are smarter than me by a country mile".

Lainey: I love this scene. It's VERY high school. Save yourself. Sell out the person next to you. And your sibling. I used to sell out my cousin Cat ALL the time.

Duana: I just wish Poppy wasn't 40
Michelle: Surprise of the episode – Serena actually has chemistry with Poppy.

Lainey: Serena and maternity wear. discuss.

Duana: mat wear? I'm looking at her boobs again

Duana: Listen to the full house music. What the hell is happening here?

Lainey: Rufus is READING. there is no aCTING.

Duana: "We shouldn't let the fact that you're pregnant determine our lives"

Duana: HOLY F-CK, I thought Dan was going to touch her ass on the way by.

Lainey: WTF with the ass tightness of Dan's pants?

Duana: How come there's been a PSA about how financial aid works?

Duana: WTF? WTF WTF Fan letter?

Duana: The lighter Blair's hair gets....
Duana: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Lainey: Who is Chace thinking about? Middle Jonas?

Duana: snow daytime kisses are zzzzzz

Michelle: I am fixated on how the snow is making Nate’s hair rebel against the straightening iron.

Duana: I like this whole serena in yellow movement.

Lainey: this guy's voice does not match his face.

Lainey: It's freaking me out. Like Darth Vader!

Michelle: Of course Dan’s wearing a shirt from The Strand…

Duana: this house is so hilariously suburban

Duana: Is it me, or are these kids' phones antiquated?

Lainey: Very 2004.

Duana: zzzzzzzzzzzzzz snow kissing

Lainey: Juxtaposition of the board games vs serena's message - face slapper!

Duana: I know.

Michelle: Next time you’re at my place – Hungry Hippo?!

Duana: I'm on chuck's face - it won't load.

Lainey: Best sentence of the night.

Duana: what? You might have to translate the last minute for me.

Lainey: you're on chuck's face. It won't load.

Lainey: ok so chuck wakes up and v's getting dressed.

Duana: Right, cold light of day, all that. Why is he wearing a shirt?

Michelle: Because who wants to see his manboobs?

Lainey: she says - it's morning. regret. this never happened. and don't tell anyone.

Duana: of course

Lainey: he's all like - fine, but let's make it happen again.

Duana: why does he want to sleep with her again, do we think she was good?

Lainey: and she gets horny and they f-ck again.

Duana: Or is he just enjoying sticking it to Blair?

Lainey: oh i totally think v is good.

Duana: You are lying to me.

Duana: You are LYING just because I can't watch!

Duana: LYING!

Lainey: not lying.

Lainey: but the bigger question: do we really think 17 yr olds are good period?

Lainey: especially boys?

Lainey: NO.

Duana: No, we don't.

Duana: Well, let me rephrase. Michelle and I don't. You on the other hand...

Lainey: i am into james franco now. this joke no longer applies.

Michelle: I think James is just a phase. You’ll have move on to another 19 year old soon…

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