The 80s ruined prom

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Never thought I’d hate on the 80s. But Gossip Girl did the 80s a disservice on Monday night’s episode. Worst episode of the year. So no wonder it’s been rumoured that they’ve killed the Lily spin-off. Because who really cares about Young Lily? Especially when she’s played by Brittany Snow?

It wasn’t all Brittany Snow’s fault. Mostly it was the weak writing. And the try-hard soundtrack. And … well all of it, really. All of it was a giant fail.

Like, why would you ever, EVER want to take time away from Blair?


Season finale is next week. Please GG, please bounce back.

Attaching – more photos of Ed Westwick at the Whitehouse Correspondents Dinner surrounded by fans, and also Chace Crawford too with his unintentionally hilarious facial hair.

Oh and about Ed’s pedigree (thanks to Kathy for the link), while this is certainly not a shamef-ck attribute (quite the opposite) it doesn’t take away from his desirability either. To know where he comes from. Very cool.

Read Chris Lehman’s amusing article on Saturday night here. Excerpt below:

Still, for all the tertiary fretting, there’s also a sense that the federal government is too busy with way too many important things for standard culture-war kvetching—and that, in turn, has created some encouraging open spaces around the soul-killing rounds of VIP-spotting. The most engaging conversation of my night, for instance, was with a learned and witty UK economist—“for my sins, I try to teach this discipline to the young,” he explained. We lamented the lack of any systemic approach to health care reform in America, the decline of the 19th century “political economy”—to the detriment of latter-day economics and politics alike—and compared the limitations of the two-party system in America and Britain. It was only when he was fetched away by his brooding-hunk son that my wife informed me that he was the father of Ed Westwick, of “Gossip Girl” fame.


Gossip Girl Weekly Chat

Duana: E doesn't like Brittany snow. You?

Michelle: I don't mind

Duana: I will admit to liking that shot better when it was Reese Witherspoon in Cruel Intentions

Lainey: she canNOT act. I already don’t like this episode.

Michelle: Do you think they got her 1980s outfit in JCrew last week?

Duana: 80s lilly has a lot of 80s trends at once

Lainey: private school hair styles are constant like uniforms.

Duana: Women's faces actually change when they're pregnant, huh?

Lainey: Oh Du. The MiniVan will come after you for that one.

Michelle: GG Generation - are we a part of this?

Duana: Of COURSE Dan pronounces it awkwardly and correctly. We are. My mother thinks I'm attached to my computer.

Lainey: aren’t you?

Duana: Did Lily go to high school in Grease, the musical?

Michelle: Ha!!!

Duana: So, betrayed by her mom - Serena still can't raise her voice.

Lainey: you know who also can’t raise her voice? Juliet on Lost.

Duana: Oh, adopted-kid namedrop! Is that coming up soon?

Michelle: I hope so.... oh grandmother!

Duana: those were some great bathing suits that passed by.

Lainey: rollerskating legwarmers.

Michelle: I feel like I'm watching Pretty in Pink

Duana: Who is her dad?

Michelle: (because of Andrew McCarthy)

Duana: That's who! I knew it! he has a small face.

Lainey: Blaine! Blaine!

Duana: OMG this looks like a parody. The clothes alone. It makes it a joke.

Michelle: But maybe to teens this seems authentic?

Duana: Were 80s parents really this bad? All 80s teens were spoiled and rich?
was anyone poor in the 80s besides Molly Ringwald?

Lainey: depends on which movie. She wasn’t poor in Breakfast Club.

Duana: Dear Lily, he's already forgotten about you

Michelle: And.... oh I can't think of her name - not Mary Stuart Masterson but...

Duana: Lea Thompson? Some kind of wonderful?

Michelle: The girl with the gloves in that 80s movie?

Duana: Oh MAN. the argyle is also 80's-shades.

Duana: RYAN HANSEN is in this?? I LOVE him. Also, Big ups to the crucible joke

Michelle: Why don't I know him?

Duana: Because he's from Veronica Mars and I was never able to get you addicted.

Lainey: He has a beat-me face.

Duana: She puts on those shades adn becomes reese. Zing!

Michelle: Why does Eric have a pillow on his lap?

Duana: Um, today Eric is a small italian mississauga boy?

Michelle: I feel like he's Owen from Party of Five as a teen

Duana: oh wow. You might be right

Michelle: I want to freeze frame on Blair's jewellery box. Blair has a scrapbook?!

Duana: Blair scrapbooks?

Michelle: That's not a Burn Book? Yay Dorota! I missed you.

Michelle: Whoa casual Chuck

Duana: Dorota's 'whatev, B' face is fantastic.

Michelle: They look like a cute couple. Nate and Chuck 4 eva.

Duana: How much do we think this is because Ed is now too fat for his suits?

Lainey: He’s not fat! He was born husky!

Duana: because in the 80s, they had 50's diners still

Lainey: I live right above one…

Duana: Don't tell me this is Rufus.

Michelle: obviously

Duana: EW.

Michelle: I think not because in his mug shot his name was Owen.

Duana: I feel like it's the Peach Pit

Duana: How about the soundtrack? Why am I watching this 'backdoor pilot'? there's none of the GG charm

Lainey: the music is trying too hard.

Michelle: Big budget on the music clearances this week.

Michelle: But I'm starting to be angry because this is supposed to be about PROM! in the 21st century!

Duana: How many Birkins do we think Lily has?

Michelle: As many as Posh?

Duana: OK, I get it. 80's fashion was fun.

Michelle: This montage is some lame. Please stop. Bring back Blair.

Lainey: thank f-ck they canned this show. It’s worse than 90210.

Michelle: E is going to be mad at me, but Gwen Stefani as part of No Doubt is embarrassing to me now.

Duana: I'm mad too.

Lainey: it’s loyalty you bitches!

Michelle: Did you see her on Idol? So mortifying.

Duana: Why isn't there any ambient sound in this club? They're saying their lines in a vacuum.

Michelle: Good point. Did they revoice?

Lainey: Jesus you two, take off the producer hats.

Duana: This is my beloved Ryan Hansen.

Michelle: Does he have hair plugs?

Duana: That girl was also on Veronica Mars

Michelle: Of course and the first GG

Duana: We're reduced to announcing who the stars are because this is boring. Gwen is Background Noise

Lainey: how did they f-ck this up so badly? Why is Mischa Barton a better actor than Brittany Snow?

Michelle: At least Nelly Yuki is here?!

Duana: Nelly Yuki in 3, 2....

Duana: That was underwhelming.

Michelle: I hate when they announce a plot point. Is there a screenwriter term for that?

Lainey: I just call it slapping you in the face.

Duana: Oh, smoldery chuck. You are equally as mad whether someone is foisting you out of a company or committing prom fraud

Duana: When you draw great attention to something you know is a flaw it's called "hanging a lantern on it"

Michelle: Can we update that to "Put a Lantern on it?"

Duana: This girl plays ONLY one part. She was this girl on GG and VM

Michelle: Music videos as new. Hee.

Duana: Oh, methinks one boy is thinky, and one boy is dumb

Michelle: Remember when MTV played video?

Lainey: remember when we actually watched videos?

Duana: Remember when Rich kids didn't know it was bad to be rich? or...something? What am I supposed to be getting from this conversation? Ohhh, layers. I have yet to giggle at a single line. Where is my blair?

Michelle: Right now the highlight has been a scrapbook.

Lainey: And a glimpse of Dorota.

Duana: So this is a show about petty larceny with valley girls? How come lily in the polariod is a millino years younger than her sister, but here they're the same age?

Michelle: That confused me too...

Michelle: Serena's dress....?

Lainey: dumpy

Duana: not helping her girls

Michelle: it's nearly impossible to make the girls look bad but Little J found a way

Duana: Submitted for the approval of the gossipers: Serena is a sociopath. She never has an appropriate response for anything and swings wildly from one extreme to the other all the time.

Duana: OK, ENOUGH of the soundtrack. You couldn't have even been creative with the 80s tunes?

Michelle: She just did my Bono move...

Duana: your...I'm sorry?

Lainey: and you didn’t show us in our hotel room dance party in London?

Michelle: The fish hook... I'll tell you another time

Duana: Because we're far too busy watching this elaborate cinematic masterpiece of cutting back and forth between two different sets of teens. Is her voice a joke?

Michelle: It's the Serena of the 80s?

Duana: Is there anyone who cares about this episode.

Michelle: Now it's back to Blair so I care. "I own prom" - love it.

Duana: But we haven't really gotten to hear why she cares about prom. Beyond a scrapbook. Oh chuck, you don't have to explain, we know you love her

Michelle: Ok I remember that Jane Fonda tape

Duana: Well you are Californian. Cece has a pretend british accent

Lainey: so does Lily! Old pregnant Lily I mean.

Michelle: I just realized how big the cordless phone is.

Duana: Cece and Lily are all one colour. The same colour

Lainey: Like Gabrielle the scam artist?

Duana: Maybe this is why Serena's wearing oatmeal?

Michelle: There is a lot beige this episode. To go with the overall blandness

Lainey: Like Jennifer Garner wrote it.

Duana: It's true. It's so very meh-y. Of course, I would try to care, at least a little more, if I hadn't heard that the Lily spinoff was shelved.

Michelle: It was shelved?

Duana: so the rumour goes. Or 'put on ice' was what I heard today

Michelle: I can see why. And then this episode was ruined for no reason?

Duana: Nate is so very china doll here.

Michelle: There would be more chemistry if Blair was kissing Dan

Duana: It was a fishmouth kiss!

Michelle: Are they playing a song with the chorus Prom Queen? Really?!

Duana: Oh, writers, you're not even trying. stoooooooop with the cutting back and forth! I GET IT. They're the same

Michelle: Did we completely forget about Poppy?

Duana: utterly.

Duana: that was so forgettable. like, sadly so. No wonder it got no promo

Michelle: It was as disappointing as my actual high school prom

Lainey: I went with a girl. My BFF. We don’t talk anymore.

Duana: I went to the anti-prom which is everything you need to know about me.

Photos from Brandon Todd / Gene Young/

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