Chuck’s purple was missing for a few. It was back last night. And as Michelle noted, some sh-t went down. Not the most well-acted episode, but great escapist fun. Group plotting against one thieving bitch with impossible resources. Please! We all dreamed of a similar takedown in high school. And of course the best part, the heart and soul of this show – Blair and Chuck and their endless game of Russian Love Roulette.

The only problem going forward for the writers is that with all this build up, when they finally do make it together, how can they avoid making it anti-climactic?

Here’s Ed Westwick puffing out his nostrils and turning out his feet last night at the Met Gala. But great skin. Good hear. Hot. Unlike his girlfriend Jessica Szohr who looked like asses. Something about her makeup. She’s so much prettier without.

Anyway, the weekly is below. Only Michelle and me. Duana is sick. You can imagine how sick if she missed GG. She needs Colin Farrell but he’s shacked up with a Polish actress. I married a Polish no name. This means Colin and I have one more thing in common than he has with Duana, other than being Irish. This will make her angry. Anger is good for convalescence. I am a good friend.

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GG Weekly Chat

Michelle: As if Chuck would use the glass in a TAXI. I enjoy how Chuck judges a man by how his suit fits.

Michelle: That's the last time I will enjoy Chuck for this episode.

Lainey: you already conceded that he looks great at the gala!

Lainey: are you buying this georgina bible girl sh-t?

Michelle: oddly yes.

Lainey: these kids have no problem lying to their mothers. I always have a problem lying to my mother.

Michelle: There would be no show if they couldn't lie to their mothers!

Lainey: they fixed b's makeup from the cab. no continuity!

Lainey: nate would be a great roommate. he could do your hair.

Michelle: Good point x 2. Honey the flat iron is ready!

Lainey: but he wears smaller jeans than us.

Michelle: and uses more hair product.

Michelle: Do you think anyone on the show has a land line?

Lainey: Du doesn't have a land line.

Michelle: She's so 21st century

Lainey: flummoxed! bonus points for using that word in tonight's ep!

Michelle: i'm sorry, i'm distracted by Blair's sincerity.

Lainey: and her greasy hair.

Michelle: Blair just got turned on by Chuck's scheming.

Lainey: poor chuck. how do you cockfight with a gay?

Michelle: they mess up each other's hair?

Lainey: chuck's not gay!

Michelle: Uh huh... anyways Dan is SO ANNOYING. Why is he always lurking in doorways?

Lainey: this is TERRIBLE Mischa Barton acting.

Michelle: The Froggy is back.

Lainey: even gabrielle's teeth bother me. they're too shiny!

Michelle: This role is a way for him to get noticed by the Bold and the Beautiful casting agents.

Michelle: ALERT: Chuck is back to wearing purple.

Lainey: Love how chuck says "my hotel". That turns me on.

Michelle: It admittedly has a nice ring to it.

Michelle: DAN STOP

Lainey: Why is he suuuuuuuuuch a tattle tale asskissey goodie lame sh-t!

Michelle: Remember the movie Singles? That jacket could have been in it.

Lainey: Lily's bank account to the rescue.

Michelle: I like how she's so much a part of the episode even though she's pregnant.

Lainey: can we be fauxsocialites for halloween?

Michelle: for sure - i'll dress up and also pin my bank statement to my dress

Michelle: If we ask, can we be extras on Gossip Girl?

Lainey: i'm asian. i'll stand out too much. and you two are too tall. actors are wee.

Michelle: what if it's a sitting scene? And you can somehow be related to Nelly Yuki?

Lainey: she doesn't have breasts.

Michelle: You can be a distant cousin.

Lainey: is Gabrielle goodbye forever? Hope so. I won’t miss him.

Michelle: he's hopping over to another lillypad.

Michelle: (Gabriel/Gabrielle!)

Lainey: lara hates what leighton's wearing at the met gala...

Michelle: really? i'm surprised!

Lainey: i know!

Lainey: why can't she believe that dan told her? Dan always tells everything!

Michelle: Why is she still friend's with him?!

Michelle: I'm liking Lilly this episode. Am I supposed to be? Du?

Lainey: Lily is going POOR! No Lily! Keep the money!

Michelle: She can always sell that Prada sign near the kitchen.

Michelle: Eric's hair... I like.

Lainey: I feel like Eric becomes a new actor every time he comes back. i don't recognise him. EVER.

Michelle: Um white tights Blair?

Lainey: crotch bow blair!

Michelle: Oh Blair and her religious zingers.

Michelle: i'm jealous at how their lip gloss is always perfect.

Michelle: The Humphrey's have a land line!

Michelle: Chuck back in purple. I'm telling you sh*t is gonna go down.

Michelle: Is that a daytime dress for Serena?

Lainey: plotting = foreplay for blair and chuck.

Michelle: hey.... no Vanessa! But not that good of an episode either...

Lainey: i like the group scheme. it's like playing pretend at recess. kinda fun.

Michelle: talking about recess - are they on an extended march break?

Michelle: Nate saying Man Up.... really?

Michelle: Twilight invades GG. E are you ok?

Lainey: woah. pause.

Michelle: paused

Lainey: throwing up.

Lainey: play again.

Michelle: ha playing

Michelle: Why does Dan have Lilly's cell number?

Lainey: twilight invaded my city. and now my guilty pleasure. make it f-ck off. please.

Michelle: remember it invaded your brain first when you read all the books.

Michelle: Apparently nosiness is in the Humphrey DNA.

Lainey: nosiness is a byproduct of their lameassness. It's general Humphreyness. Ugh.

Michelle: Jesse McCartney was mislabelled as Frankie Muniz at the Costume Institute Gala. Hee

Michelle: I swear Du overheard a SATC conversation just like that on a flight down to NYC once...

Lainey: were they reading twilight?

Michelle: they are now. And they're hanging outside a Vancouver hotel too.

Lainey: asking Robert Pattinson to bite their babies?

Michelle: ew. wait Chuck's nostrils are flaring...

Lainey: westwick's actually acting here. it's a nice vulnerable expression.

Michelle: and leighton's actually emotional...

Michelle: perfect tear timing

Lainey: blake is acting too!

Lainey: ok, my stomach flipflopped there. it was real for me...

Michelle: highlight of the episode.

Michelle: wait a second, maybe poppy can act a bit.

Lainey: kirk cameron. remember before he found the lord?

Michelle: loved Growing Pains!

Lainey: what if georgina and poppy are in on it together?

Michelle: that would be too set up...

Michelle: although incredible if true.

Michelle: Realization: no one on this show really wants to be happy.

Lainey: i read my email when Rufus is on.

Michelle: Ha. Hate email?

Michelle: Just like her mother... ouch

Lainey: Chuck is power.

Michelle: Oh a genuine moment between Blair and Nate.

Michelle: See I like G... but you guys don't right?

Lainey: I liked G right there. I like her now.

Lainey: i was in such a dumpy mood before this show. and now i'm happy.

Michelle: A spoonful of Chuck

Lainey: when blair and chuck are scheming and nate and s are trying to keep up, those are the golden moments.

Lainey: sigh...
Michelle: And V is out of the picture

Lainey: ok, must run. work to do. so much.

Michelle: I gotta go to sleep but before I go please look up Cindy Crawford at the Gala