Like she can go missing for entire episodes at a time… doesn’t matter. Taylor Momsen conveniently forgets about this when she talks about how university isn’t important for an artist of her caliber. Then again, she looks up to Lindsay Lohan. Don’t expect too much.

Apologies for the delay in posting our weekly chat. And thanks for your messages asking about where it is. Michelle produced We Day. Needless to say, with a major event on her work schedule, our Gossip Girl viewing time was pushed back. Jobs interfering with tv. Blasphemy!

What have we learned?

That we still hate Vanessa but we also hate Scott too. Also, I’m in love with Carter. And I think Duana agrees with me but won’t admit it. Serena is finally attracted to a boy who is attractive.

Most importantly, they need to stop shooting Chuck/Ed Westwick full body.

And please, please no more emails about Ed’s revolting cover for Homme Magazine. I told you. He’s my Shamef-ck. THIS SHOULD EXPLAIN WHY.

Here’s pretty Chace on set this week. And the superfluous Taylor Momsen trying to matter with her wardrobe. And Connor Paolo in a tux. Because it’s been 2 weeks since the last ball. We’re due for one soon.

Photos from Jose Perez / and DAVID KRIEGER/

Gossip Girl Weekly

Duana says: Carter still confuses me.

Michelle says: I hope the dreads are gone this week.

Duana says: LOVE Blair's marigold blouse!

Michelle says: Must be Nanette Lepore

Duana says: Um. Shirtless Dan? Did not need.

Lainey says: shirtless elf.

Duana says: WTF is on Georgina's wall? Butterflies?

Michelle says: My guess is paper cranes

Duana says: So...On Georgina - are we supposed to care about her now?

Michelle says: Why did the music change when Serena came on?

Lainey says: button up your f-cking shirt elfy

Duana says: oh, funny! Because they both think the other is worse!

Michelle says: dan's shame f*ck

Lainey says: V's lecturing again. amazing.

Duana says: What is Serena's bag?

Michelle says: i'm too busy staring at the way her hair is parted

Duana says: "I'd love to, but um, I can't." That's code for "I'm sleeping with Rufus"

Lainey says: i don't like the square earrings and the snake around her neck. it's incongruous.

Lainey says: i really wanted to use that word today.

Michelle says: you just bought incongruous pants.

Duana says: hahahah. point cresp

Duana says: what should I be looking at right now?

Michelle says: I appreciate the fact that not everyone on this show power tans.

Lainey says: ok i love jenny's dress. am i asian?

Duana says: "Vanessa's like a daughter to me. Because my own daughter has turned into Casper the heroin ghost"

Duana says: Does Jenny go to school now?

Michelle says: point Du

Michelle says: go writers - some snappy lines already

Duana says: Dan stole my line about 'dating Carter'. Like since when?

Lainey says: i'm attracted to Carter. Shut UP.

Duana says: Yeah, you might be fired.

Michelle says: You can drink single malt together

Duana says: Carter looks like someone I know.

Lainey says: woman? that was a woman?

Duana says: Wait a second, why isn't it her fault for sleeping with some dude in A LIBRARY?

Duana says: And I LOVE the New York Public Libraray

Lainey says: V spends her entire life catching people lying.

Michelle says: The Nancy Drew of lies?

Michelle says: Do you think the writers thought "maybe we'll do some Jenny in high school story lines" and then realized no one cares?

Michelle says: I miss Dorota.

Duana says: Ooh, I like that Blair's lingerie is always unusual. No matchy combos for this girl. Oooh, the work denial.

Michelle says: Laura has her neckalce.

Duana says: I am confused.

Duana says: Can someone help me out?

Michelle says: i don't think we're supposed to understand?

Duana says: Where did that mail come from? Is it Chuck's?

Lainey says: what is happening? do they live together? i have G's necklace

Duana says: Now THAT is a necklace. It looks like a Scottsdale special

Duana says: Oh sh-t. Really?

Lainey says: but in blue.

Lainey says: bright blue.

Michelle says: Apparently the theme of this episode is necklaces

Duana says: So now she led Dan out for pizza and that's a thing?

Duana says: I love how Blair never studies but considers herself academically elite.

Lainey says: Heather just brought all this sh-t into her store.

Duana says: I want Blair's bag

Michelle says: So you and Laura have the same necklace?

Lainey says: i never knew.

Duana says: "He's different with me". Stupider words are never spoken

Duana says: Leighton has normal arms two weeks in a row

Duana says: What is THAT dress?

Lainey says: what if it's a beckham?

Duana says: I'd still do it

Michelle says: I second that.

Duana says: It bothers me that babyfaces like her can conceivably have MBAs. Thereby, I am an old curmudgeon

Duana says: WHY are her BOOBS always out?

Lainey says: she took over from S

Michelle says: They're second fiddle to S's

Duana says: Oh absolutely

Duana says: Can't compete with a vdW boob.

Michelle says: This is the weirdest product placement ever.

Duana says: Blair's parochial hair...?

Michelle says: Why doesn't she realize Georgina's made up her invitation?

Duana says: "I like you"

Lainey says: i don't like you at all.

Duana says: Here it is...

Lainey says: Vanessa: lectures, investigations, and ultimatums. She's so much fun.

Michelle says: that was the worst reaction ever.

Duana says: Her "oh my god" is the same as her "yah and..."

Duana says: So whose room are they in now?

Michelle says: Vanessa's?

Duana says: Does nobody want to live with vanessa?

Duana says: (stupid question)

Lainey says: Scott is ugly and i don't want him anymore

Lainey says: on our show.

Michelle says: dorm courtesy of urban outfitters

Duana says: I have this thing. Where sometimes I'm not actually sure that Jessica Szhor is pretty

Duana says: How come no men who are tall go into acting? Does Blake really have to slouch for the rest of her career?

Lainey says: they overuse the handstroke of the face on this show.

Duana says: Blair is wearing a COMPETITIVE GYMNASTIC LEOTARD!!!

Michelle says: their heads aren't big enough?

Michelle says: next time we hang out, can we have the mood change every :15 seconds? Because that's life on this show.

Michelle says: and all they do is knock on doors and answer them.

Duana says: I'm SICK of these two and their 'our sex life is actually resembling two people in their 40s"

Lainey says: i'm busy looking at normal arms

Duana says: What's happening now? vanessa's running away, georgina sat down.

Michelle says: She stole my shoes! I love that.

Duana says: I'm sure he could have someone bring one.

Duana says: OK Georgina in the loft makes me squicky

Lainey says: Jessica Szhor just passed Blake as worst actor on GG

Duana says: Scott, OPEN YOUR MOUTH

Duana says: Why would Scott write a fan letter on The New Yorker letterhead?

Lainey says: scott's pink and khakis suck at life

Duana says: are there really paps outside auctions?

Lainey says: hahahahahahaahahah

Michelle says: they made out in front of the paps?

Duana says: What the hell is B's dress? I can only think of gymnasts

Lainey says: S's dress.

Duana says: Leighton's hair has been scraped back tonight.

Duana says: Hiding a cut?

Duana says: That was a joke that didn't land.

Michelle says: why don't the paps care about S anymore?

Duana says: Good question

Michelle says: i'm all about continuity

Duana says: is that a herve she's wearing?

Duana says: So....why did Scott's mom show up?

Duana says: Of course it's lot number one

Michelle says: i admittedly like that twist

Lainey says: me too.

Lainey says: where did they find mother scott's wardrobe?

Michelle says: Northern Reflections

Duana says: Weren't they from Boston? It's not exactly a backwater.

Duana says: WTF is Georgina WEARING?

Duana says: What IS This show?

Duana says: I just want to see them all sneak into the Constance Billard pool

Duana says: The conservative hair on Rufus is the worst.

Lainey says: ok, i'm dumb. and i don't know what the "Truth" is. Please explain. for reals.

Michelle says: I'm confused too.

Duana says: I think he just protected his mom

Lainey says: he's the dead guy's brother so he's not the real guy? so the dead guy isn't the real son?

Duana says: No, I think Scott is.

Michelle says: this is lame.

Lainey says: you're right. why do i even care.

Duana says: Tha'ts why his mom came to stand beside him

Michelle says: and blair's wearing lamé

Duana says: Well, exactly. Ever seen a show fall so far, so fast?

Duana says: OK, so S is telling us everything that happened four episodes later?

Lainey says: why would Carter just up and start looking for Mr Vanderwoodsen?

Michelle says: why hasn't anyone met Nate's new girl?

Duana says: So...what's Scott's thing now?

Duana says: and he's just standing there in front of everyone?

Duana says: I'm so tired.

Michelle says: To become part of the family

Duana says: Those boobs.

Duana says: How did you know, M?

Michelle says: told you it's georgina's writing

Lainey says: all knowing M

Duana says: I know.

Michelle says: I figured a true secret society would hire someone to write calligraphy

Duana says: I love that. I think Georgina's dress is pretty downmarket....

Lainey says: why can't S bring that all the time???

Duana says: Gossip Girl's voiceover gets less and less relevant, you know?

Duana says: Like, who are you talking to or about?


Michelle says: I actually WANT them to get together.

Lainey says: what was the name of the pyscho girlfriend on 90210 who loved steve?

Michelle says: claire?

Duana says: Emily Valentine was psycho and loved Brandon, is that who you mean?

Lainey says: no, the other one. For Steve.

Duana says: Claire, the chancellor's daughter! hah! Canadian Kathleen Robertson!

Lainey: no… blonde.

Duana says: As if she has Dan as her wallpaper

Duana says: I've been thinking about S's headboard for three years

Duana says: Ohhhkay. So the bratty MBA is Georgina's friend?

Duana says: I actually think we watch this stuff so others don't have to. Sad.

Duana says: Why is Vanessa's dorm door always closed?

Michelle says: Oh thank goodness he's leaving.

Duana says: WRITEOFF!

Michelle says: Are earrings V's' signature thing? Cause I want it to stop.

Duana says: Oh man. This is a clear sign of "He's a bad actor! Get out while we can!!!"

Duana says: Ummmm

Duana says: I might be starting to like Carter.

Duana says: Love S's dress. So much

Duana says: Wow! She just acted, for two seconds!

Michelle says: I think I saw it too!

Lainey says: i'm in LOVE w/ Carter.

Duana says: OK, apparently what I I love is the bejewelled vest she's wearing?

Lainey says: what does he look like in jeans?

Michelle says: Carter makes Serena enunciate.

Duana says: beh. wrong colour.

Duana says: Countdown to chuck with no money... = november sweeps.

Duana says: I can't wait.

Duana says: I have Blair's bag.

Lainey says: please stop. STOP shooting chuck full body.

Lainey says: no feet no feet no feet no feet

Michelle says: Those shoes are ridiculous

Michelle says: like he IS the penguin

Duana says: I'm so not interested in Bree at all, even a little bit.

Michelle says: Me neither.

Michelle says: Why does G care so much?

Michelle says: I don't understand her motivation.

Duana says: I supposed to care about Carter and Bree and Georgina and Scott all at once?

Lainey says: she's fixated on dan. that i buy.

Duana says: She must just be a psycho?

Duana says: I don't know.

Lainey says: well...not DAN, but fixated on SOMEONE

Duana says: Weird city pan-out...

Michelle says: Blair I guess.

Duana says: Well, it seemed like it was Blair but how is Scott gonna get you to Blair?

Lainey says: i care only about Carter. Is Carter a regular now?

Duana says: Here's who's not - Jenny and Eric