Were in New York last night at a Ray-Ban party. First red, then white, last summer it was turquoise, this season they’re trending blue as modelled by Ed Westwick. Back to him in a minute.

First – the story today in Page Six, something about Chace Crawford 23 and Taylor Momsen 15. Please let it be true. Because Chace is totally That Guy. The same guy JailBait Miley Cyrus is dating.

What kind of 23 year old messes around with a high school sophomore? You have 2 choices:

The loser kind.

Or the gay kind. The gay kind trying to deny his queer by romancing the next best thing: an underdeveloped androgen child who in dark corners and total silence could pass for what he really wants.

See? You love this story. This story makes your life.

What doesn’t make your life is the Humphrey. Ugh. Penn Badgley and his face that’s too small for his head and the rumours floating around that he and Blake Lively aren’t so together anymore because she was making out with some other dude. For what it’s worth, they were together last night. I’m bored.

And finally…

My Shamef-cker MotherChucker.

The jeans and his odd shaped ass. That expression. And this video of him, insufferably obnoxious at the Gossip Girl Christmas party last week…

I know. He’s gross, right?


But kind of not and hot at the same time too. And the accent. Oh the accent. But the smarm. Ew the smarm!

And still…like a sick bitch I watched this entire clip completely enthralled.

Yeah. I would. I wouldn’t tell you. But I would.


Photos from Wenn.com and Bauergriffinonline.com