Big sigh of relief! Last night’s episode of Gossip Girl was the show’s highest rated as the numbers for Season 2 continue to climb. And deservedly so.

You watched The Dark Night, right?

It was the hottest, right?

Blair’s chemistry with Chuck is… electric. I have watched that scene of him touching her neck, begging her to “have sex with me” over and over and over again. Pervy.

Judging from pap shots of Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick continuing to shoot in New York, they’re still dancing the dance of sexual angst well into upcoming episodes. Check out her expression. Chuck Bass must be still be…um… blocked.

As for Nate – SPOILER!!!! – Vanessa had to back out so he could protect his dad through prostitution, but new shots reveal that the show will resemble the book: Nate and Jenny, played by 14 year old Taylor Momsen, locked in a hot exchange.

If only Friday Night Lights could see the same positive results.

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