Last night’s Gossip Girl was probably the worst episode ever in the show’s history. Ugh.

Like, nothing bad happened. And nothing horrible was said to anyone. And Chuck didn’t zing. And Blair didn’t sass. And Serena put away her tits. And wore a horrible outfit for Thanksgiving. And the Humphreys still suck sh-t but Vanessa sucks more.

As Michelle said during our weekly GG live chat (transcript below and the liveblog, we’re working on it), watching Nate’s hair was probably more entertaining than any storyline and any scene this week. Maybe it’s a prelude to next week…


Blair and Chuck’s one night? And is he too busy with her to be with his dad who, they say, is the one to bite it?

Promo clip is attached. Also, photos of Penn Badgley and his face that doesn’t fit his head on set yesterday along with Ed Westwick in holiday red.

Plus Leighton Meester looking adorable shooting an ad for Reebok.

Source ONTD

Lainey: I need a leather vest with a hood!

Michelle: Vanessa's purple eye make-up seriously clashes with her red top + it's bothering me.

Duana: Why does anyone - anyone, including Dan, like or pay any attention to Rufus? He's weepy and awful.

Lainey: Bart has a secret gay spy network?

Duana: That outfit of serena's was horrific. (Sateen! Again!)

Lainey: Serena replaced her nightie with an ass skirt.

Duana: Sometimes I think Lily wishes Serena was ugly, and I kind of can't wait for when she cuts off her hair in spite or something.

Michelle: Is Serena's outfit supposed to be a "I can look good in anything, so what if this isn't complimentary" statement?

Duana: I LOVE Dorota.

Lainey: Dorota's ring tone just made my life.

Duana: Aaron is so, so bothersome - not least because he has no chin.

Lainey: Teetotaler Aaron is Fun Bobby! From Friends!

Michelle: After a heartwarming Bart + Chuck moment last week, why did Chuck show Eric the safe?

Lainey: Because he wanted to impress us with his secret gay spy network.

Michelle: Nate's hair is like the flower in E.T. - it reacts to his mood. When he's sad, it's a bit crimpy; but when he's happy, his bangs are super straight.

Lainey: That fake straw braid in serena's hair is so ghetto. PS. Chuck looks at Nate as tenderly as he does Blair. Maybe more. This ep is sucking. Hopefully they’ll make out.

Michelle: What is the basis for Vanessa liking Nate so much? Didn't they only go out once?

Lainey: what is the basis for Vanessa, period?

Michelle: Does Vanessa have any other friends or does she just like to collect frenemies?

Lainey: what’s with all the happiness? Please make something bad happen soon. Aaron sticking around doesn’t count.

Michelle: Wipe away the eye make up and Good J appears.

Lainey: The eyeliner represents...? And it's gone so...? I'm supposed to like little J? NO. I refuse. The Humphreys should still die. Is Emmy Rossum a Humphrey?

Duana: Not only do I hate Jenny Humphrey, but something is AFOOT with Momsen. She's so very very bad right now that I wonder what she did to get punished like this.

Lainey: She stopped eating.